Lessons in Gardening

Summers at her house were filled with long hours in her garden. I learned many life lessons in that garden, lessons I carry close to my heart and revisit often. My grandmother taught me it was okay to get my hands dirty, to embrace the moist soil between my fingertips, to tilt my face up to the sun and let the warmth reach my soul. She showed me what the art of nurturing, of loving, and of communicating could do for the living as well as for those desperately needing a little life breathed back into them. From her, I learned that life is ever-changing, and some of us will be quicker to adapt to our new surroundings than others. I learned that some of us need to immediately plant our roots and settle down. Others need a little more time to grow, experiencing and outgrowing different spaces, eventually needing a bigger space to spread out and show the world how much beauty we are capable of. And, she taught me to embrace the rain when my soul is thirsty for it, letting it cleanse my soul as it showers me with forgiveness, because we all make mistakes. Thankfully the land is plentiful, forever providing room for us to plant again, to grow, and ultimately to flourish.

During my recent trip to Washington, DC, as amazed as I was with the historical sites, I was in awe of the nature all around me. With each click of the camera, I thought of my grandmother and the many lessons I learned through the art of gardening by her side.

Happy Birthday and Happy Mother’s Day to one amazing grandmother!

May your garden in heaven be as beautiful as you are!

24 thoughts on “Lessons in Gardening

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  2. This is a great posting, and even I have been pottering around in my garden this week so I agree with you, a little bit of dirty is absolutely acceptable 🙂 Have a fun Wednesday my friend and if you were wondering how I landed here then I was visiting ‘The Bumble Files’ and noticed your comments there and soooooooo, being nosy I called in 🙂

    Have a funtastic Wednesday 🙂



  3. Well…I find myself speechless! This is a lovely homage to someone who had such a wonderful and powerful impact on you. Your pictures reflect your words. Thank you for sharing your grandmother’s life lessons so eloquently:)


  4. The historical sites and the handiwork of the architects, while inspiring and grand in their own right, just can’t compare to the beauty and brilliance of nature. Lovely group of photos and some very true words learned in the garden of life by, what sounds like, a wonderful woman.


  5. What a heartfelt tribute to your grandmother. She passed down a very rich legacy to you. Clearly, her lessons continue to grow and multiply in many people’s lives.


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