Rock On!

rockwallThat’s me. My first attempt at a five-story rock wall.

As I stood on the ground getting all harnessed up, the attendant shared some wisdom with me. The young girl nonchalantly said, “At some point while climbing the wall, most people are gripped by fear. The thing to remember is the fear doesn’t become greater if you continue to climb. It’s the same amount of fear whether you choose to continue or you choose to quit. You might as well keep going until you reach the top.”

Isn’t that what life is all about?

She was right. I reached a certain point to catch my breath, and it was then that I was gripped with fear. Did I mention I’m afraid of heights? Apparently, I paused just long enough for some spectators on the ground to believe this was the moment I would quit. I didn’t quit. I kept hearing the attendant’s words in my head, and while my muscles were screaming for me to quit and just repel back down to safety, I kept going. I kept going because I had a dream, a goal, a purpose and if she was right then I was going to see it through because my fear wouldn’t become any greater the further I climbed.

With each step I climbed, I felt a change within me. As I carefully placed my foot on each rung, and pulled myself up a little higher, I felt stronger mentally if not physically. And, when I finally reached the top, I was drained, exhausted, and a bit disappointed that I didn’t hear any bells or whistles or see any fireworks. However, I didn’t have any regrets. As I repelled down the wall to safety, I felt lighter than I ever have.

We’ve all been there. The rock wall just takes on another form depending on what we are individually going through at the moment. Keep climbing, face your fear, and climb some more. The feeling that awaits is well worth the climb. You may not get a fireworks display (unless you add your own like I did), but I bet you won’t have any regrets either.

Are you facing or have you faced your own rock wall?

Tell me about it!

24 thoughts on “Rock On!

  1. Maybe they could install some kind of sound box at the top with a large button to hit that plays ‘Celebrate good times, come on!’ Do you know the tune? Anyway I also value the advice. Thanks for passing it on

  2. I would have frozen in air three feet off the solid ground. So proud of you for your efforts and you won!!!! You saw the fireworks mentally and that is all that counts!

  3. Good for you!! I also have a fear of heights and honestly can’t imagine my fear NOT increasing the higher I went. LOL What a tremendous sense of satisfaction for you! Really, they should have at least played some music once you hit the ground =D
    What do you think? Doing it again??

    1. Thank you! Funny thing is, I thought she was definitely mistaken. At the point when I stopped to catch my breath and was gripped by fear, I thought she was wrong for sure. I’m glad I kept going because the fear truly remained the same. It was interesting. Not sure I’ll do it again. It may be one of those things I can just say I did and that’s that. 😉

  4. Great post, awesome pic too! That was very brave of you, and very wise words from your spotter!
    I could never attempt that wall, not in a million years! I suffer from very extreme vertigo!

    Aside from that, my big fear is public speaking. I have forced myself to get up and speak in front of large groups, on many occasions now, in an effort to conquer my fears, but it never gets any easier.

    1. My sister’s big fear is public speaking as well. In her line of work, there are times when she has to do a presentation of some sort. Through the years, she has learned to face her fears and does okay for a short period of time but not much longer. She now delegates parts of her presentation to others. Not exactly facing your fears, but dealing with it. 😉

  5. I’m setting off fireworks for you! Cheers! I love the young girl’s advice. How accurate and how appropriate in many life situations. Great job!

    And yes. Faced fears! But way too many to put in a simple response. 😉 But I love love love this.

  6. Where are the fireworks??
    You deserve a medal indeed! I’m terrified of heights too. Just another thing we have in common. The difference between us is that I couldn’t even attempt climbing a rock wall. My palms get sweaty climbing a flight of stairs.

    By the way, I love the customized caption!

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