Ten Things Of Thankful

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. – Melody Beattie

He was my introduction to so many things in life, my first in so many ways.

He was my start line to events I never knew I wanted to experience, my cheerleader along the way, always waiting there with a smile as I crossed the finish line.

He was my gas pedal when I didn’t know I needed a push and my brakes when I was unaware it was time to slow down.

He loved a road trip –  teaching me so much about life and himself on the open road during long talks I still treasure.


He taught me lessons I didn’t always learn the first go round, but left me with a knowledge I would find priceless one day.

He was my guiding light when I couldn’t see the darkness that threatened to surround me. A beacon of hope I still gravitate toward.


He was the first to hold me with strong arms that embraced me in such comfort and safety their presence still lingers on my skin.

He made me laugh when I took life too seriously, always reminding me to seek the joy in the pain.


He not only worked hard to provide the basic necessities for his family, but more importantly the sense that what we had was more than enough.

A few days of bare feet on warm sand was enough to carry him through the harshest of winters.


He loved with all his heart and made me want to love and live life as passionately as he did. Music made him come alive in a way that was contagious.


He gave me more than ten things of thankful. He gave me life and left a legacy of love I will always treasure.


A special tribute to my dad, my hero, my best friend.

It has been 21 years today since we said good-bye

and while I miss you every day,

I always take a moment on this day to honor you in a special way.

Thank you for being you and in turn making me the woman I am today.


Lizzi Rogers from Considerings does a weekly event called “Ten Things of Thankful” and for the first time I am participating. A bit late or a bit early, but participating nonetheless.

In Lizzi’s words – “One day when life was particularly tough, I remembered a trick I’d employed when life had been tough before:

Find ten things, right now, to be thankful for about today.

And I began to write them on Considerings, partly to share what was good in my life, and partly so I could hold myself accountable for doing them. A week’s self-challenge of ten things behest a ten-day challenge, then a two-week challenge, and by that time I’d realised how much change I’d made in myself.

By actively choosing to seek the Good things – by hunting them down and dragging them out (kicking and screaming, sometimes) I was making a change in my own attitude.

Not only that, but people seemed interested in how I was doing this. Inspired to try taking charge in their own lives and actively seeking the Good. So very tentatively, I began a blog hop, with some very supportive, wonderful co-hosts, and Ten Things of Thankful was born.

27 thoughts on “Ten Things Of Thankful

  1. beautiful entry to the TToT. So glad you decided to do this…finding a constructive way to express grief is really tough but important…Im sure you know. Peace.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your father. I am glad you are participating in this wonderful link up. The support and shared talent is incredible. Nice to meet you.

  3. Such a beautiful tribute to your incredible Dad. I’m so glad you shared it here with the TToT community so we can all remember not to take the parents and loved ones we have for granted – ever.

  4. What a hard hard post to write, Leah. You tribute your father beautifully. Truly. I’m so glad that you found Lizzi’s TToT. It helps me, too. I can’t get to it every week these days but I always feel good when I do. Also, I wish it was still BlogHer time. Miss you.

  5. *hugs* Super, super hard post, my fishbowl friend, and you did yourself (and, dare I say it, your dad) proud – he sounds like an amazing guy, and a real force for good in your life.

    We’ll be live on Friday afternoon and I’ll make sure to let you know. It will be an honour to include your wonderful tribute to him.

    1. Thank you my fishbowl friend. It’s always a tough day. Through the years, I’ve tried to stay busy, I’ve tried doing nothing, I’ve tried being surrounded by people and begin alone. I’ve come to the realization that I just need to spend the day allowing my emotions to go where they need to and just get through the day.

      Thank you for the idea. I’ve been wanting to participate for some time. I guess the right time finally arrived. It definitely helped me through the day. Hugs!

      1. Then I am tremendously glad that it helped. And that you’ll link it. I’ll try to remember to ping you when we go live later.

        Grief is such a tricky thing. I think you’ve got the right idea about just embracing whichever emotions happen, and accepting that they’re part of the process.

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