Let Them Eat Cake! – Photo Friday

The day each of my children was born was life-changing for me as it is for many parents. I believe in celebrating their birthday special every year as much for them as for myself. Through the years, after the kids go to bed, I have spent many a night creating a cake for the occasion. Amid… Read More Let Them Eat Cake! – Photo Friday

Photo Friday: Off With Her Head!

Execution was a public spectacle; free entertainment for the masses. Vendors sold hot potatoes, fruit and gingerbreads, and peddled gin. Life was cheap in an age where diseases raged and life expectancy was short. So frequent were the tortures and punishments, the exact number of victims will never be known.  

Puerto Rico Comic Con – Photo Friday

I’m usually a big believer in “Being Yourself” and am always encouraging the kids to be true to themselves at all times. Every now and then though, it is definitely okay to be someone else! We had a blast at Puerto Rico Comic Con and next year we will join these folks in costume! Enjoy… Read More Puerto Rico Comic Con – Photo Friday