Here, I share my work in progress, JUST LOOK FOR EDEN, chapter by chapter.

Twelve year old Eden has spent her childhood dreaming of the kind of family she wishes she had- the kind that share birth stories, the kind that share love stories. Eden simply longs for the truth about her own story.

When Eden’s grandmother dies, her mother sobers up long enough to pack up their old Ford and head south on a journey that will bring Eden closer to her once upon a time, but will also bring to light a truth she may regret.

Scroll down to the first chapter, or pick up where you left off!

I hope you enjoy the story!

Feel free to discuss any and all aspects or questions you might have about the story as you follow along.

Thank you for reading!

Is There Ever A Good Time To Check Your Baggage?

The airport felt more like an amusement park with people lined up elbowing their way to the front of the rollercoaster line. I slowly shuffled forward a couple of steps at a time. Normally, I love people watching, creating stories in my head for the elderly couple holding hands behind me or the young mom…

A Communist Christmas

As I watched my daughter’s tiny face inspect the mysterious box, I was overcome with the memories of Christmases past. How could an intangible recollection hold such a physical presence, wrapping me in a warm glow while simultaneously strangling me in an icy dread, especially on Christmas morning? Christmas morning. It wasn’t like any Christmas…

In God We Trust

I may as well have been standing before them stripped naked. That’s how exposed I felt. The soldiers had announced their arrival with a loud pounding on the front door of our home. A few days prior, my husband and I had begun the official paperwork requesting permission to leave the only country we had…

Laced With Fear

The darkness was all around me. I had been trained to stay in my room and wait for my mom to come to me. It never took my mom long, but to me it always felt like an eternity. The blackouts had begun a few weeks ago, but I still wasn’t used to them. At…


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