Here, I share my work in progress, JUST LOOK FOR EDEN, chapter by chapter.

Twelve year old Eden has spent her childhood dreaming of the kind of family she wishes she had- the kind that share birth stories, the kind that share love stories. Eden simply longs for the truth about her own story.

When Eden’s grandmother dies, her mother sobers up long enough to pack up their old Ford and head south on a journey that will bring Eden closer to her once upon a time, but will also bring to light a truth she may regret.

Scroll down to the first chapter, or pick up where you left off!

I hope you enjoy the story!

Feel free to discuss any and all aspects or questions you might have about the story as you follow along.

Thank you for reading!

Just Look For Eden – Chapter Twelve

Althea, September 1966 “James, are you out there?” Althaea and James let go of each other and sat up straight. “It’s okay,” James whispered. “It’s just my mother.” “Your mother?” I didn’t think my heart could beat any faster than it did when I put my head on James shoulder just a few minutes earlier,…

Just Look For Eden – Chapter Eleven

  JAMES Ecclesiastes 1:8 No matter how much we see, we are never satisfied. No matter how much we hear, we are not content. I sat at the library table, waiting for Althaea to choose her latest books to check out, and wondered what it was about this girl that intrigued me. She was different, that…

Just Look For Eden – Chapter Ten

The back porch hadn’t been invaded yet, so I took up residence there. Since the funeral, the house had been consistently full of people dropping off food and paying their respects. It was strange to see my mother interacting with a room full of strangers, though they all seemed to know her quite well. I tried…

Just Look For Eden – Chapter Nine

ALTHAEA – September, 1966 I could feel his eyes on me. I pretended I was reading, but every few minutes I would casually glance up to see him watching me from across the room. When he stood, I bolted.  James Porter. I had heard there was a new kid in school. I didn’t usually bother…


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