RIP C.R. – Gone But Not Forgotten

Dear C.R., It has been one week since you departed my side for the after life. I have opened my eyes each morning refusing to believe it is true. They say time will heal and each day will become a bit easier to bear without you by my side, but how can that be true… Read More RIP C.R. – Gone But Not Forgotten


JOB TITLE : FAT PERSONAL TRAINER JOB ID#:4866 JOB TYPE: Personal Training Position Type: Full-Time Regular JOB PURPOSE: To provide a comprehensive one-on-one educational fitness program to assist client in REALISTICALLY achieving their fitness goals without spending half a day at the gym EVERY day and eating like an effing bird. Those who can currently eat their weight… Read More WANTED: FAT PERSONAL TRAINER

Destiny Isn’t For Victims. Fate Isn’t For Fools.

Destiny Fate They softly flutter about us like windswept leaves dressed in autumn hues painting a picture of approaching change that will alter our landscape with a future we never envisioned, but one we readily accept because after all it was meant to be. And yet, these same letters come together, stringing words with a… Read More Destiny Isn’t For Victims. Fate Isn’t For Fools.

Goodbye Nightmare Lover!

The nightmare took over. It came to me night after night, tiptoeing into my peaceful sleep and curling up beside me like a longtime lover. Quietly climbing into my bed, slowly inching over my body, not near enough to touch, but close enough to hover over my warm skin, its breath upon me. Beginning with… Read More Goodbye Nightmare Lover!

Blue Circle Days – You Can’t Schedule Mental Illness

He called the other day. He doesn’t have a phone or at least not one from which he can make long distance calls. The Assisted Living Facility frowns upon that, and I guess it makes sense, but I can’t help but wonder then how all those people living away from family members reach out to… Read More Blue Circle Days – You Can’t Schedule Mental Illness

Your Reflection Never Lies

He cursed the traffic as he stepped on the gas and swerved left into the gas station. Another hectic morning awaited him at the plant, and he was already running late due to the baby having been up most of the night. His wife had nudged him awake every time the baby cried with no… Read More Your Reflection Never Lies