Red Circle Days Book Review

When CrazyMeetsExhaustion dedicated a blog post to reviewing Red Circle Days. Here’s what she had to say about it! It has been months. Maybe even a year. But I’ll never forget being moved to tears over a blog post, and leaving a comment begging the author to write a book because her words were so… Read More Red Circle Days Book Review

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

ESCAPE: THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE DISTURBING Escape. A word that stirs up an endless array of meanings, both at a standard level and a deeply personal one. The mere sound of it whispered softly in one’s ear can ignite the senses of sight and sound propelling us down a road of movie credits, song… Read More Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

A Red Circle On The Calendar

This week I finally received complimentary copies of my book, Red Circle Days. I can’t begin to express what it feels like to hold my published book in my hands, see my words in print, my face on the back cover! We all have dreams, and as we strive to make those dreams a reality… Read More A Red Circle On The Calendar

dOn’T gEt UpSeT wHeN yOuR FiVe-yEaR oLd aCtS LiKe A fiVe-YeAr oLd!

Sit up straight. Say thank  you. Be quiet. Keep your voice down. Say please. Sit still. As parents we are constantly surrounded by suggestions on how to make our children behave properly. From parenting books to self-help books (because let’s face it, it’s always mom’s fault), there is an endless string of advice designed to guide… Read More dOn’T gEt UpSeT wHeN yOuR FiVe-yEaR oLd aCtS LiKe A fiVe-YeAr oLd!

Dear Mom, Can You Tell Me How You’ve Done It?

 Dear Mom, I can imagine the feeling of sheer joy you felt the day he was born. I can imagine the peace that blanketed you while your arms blanketed him. I can imagine the look in your eyes as you looked into his, and thanked the Lord for another healthy child. I can imagine how… Read More Dear Mom, Can You Tell Me How You’ve Done It?

Be Brave Little Merida!

Disney’s character from the movie, Brave, is slated to become Disney’s 11th Princess. Congratulations Merida! Not so fast because in order for bow and arrow wielding Merida of the long, naturally curly hair and average figure to become a Disney Princess she must undergo a complete makeover. Disney geniuses are changing her beautiful, untamed, long… Read More Be Brave Little Merida!

Through the Door – The Power of Prayer

Life has a way of transporting us from one moment to the next in the blink of an eye. A certain smell, a song, a glimpse of a photograph can make our senses come alive and take flight like a mother bird from its nest in search of that elusive something that will feed our… Read More Through the Door – The Power of Prayer

Raising Bad Parents

A soccer field covered with teenage athletes, a game in progress, a referee’s call. A normal event until an angry teenager disagrees with the ref’s yellow card call, and punches him on the side of the head. A palpable hush, stunned spectators, a horrific event. The referee becomes dizzy, needs help sitting down and begins… Read More Raising Bad Parents