Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape


Social Media - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Escape. A word that stirs up an endless array of meanings, both at a standard level and a deeply personal one. The mere sound of it whispered softly in one’s ear can ignite the senses of sight and sound propelling us down a road of movie credits, song lyrics, and novels – each a story all its own.

                                                      EACH A STORY ALL OUR OWN.

As I sit here eyes on my computer screen ready to share my thoughts on this week’s photo challenge: Escape, I realize for many the computer screen is a form of escape…a portal by which we connect with others through a social media peephole of photos, status updates, pins, blogs, and tweets.

The Good

For myself as a writer it is a common means of escape. The irony isn’t lost on me as my fingers fly across the keys, rushing to free the words in my head.

My own surroundings – ocean waves crashing the shore and a vision of blue waters as far as the eye can see – there are those who would consider this very setting an escape.

The runner whose escape begins the moment she ties her running shoes and heads out the door, each mile taking her across more than just a physical distance.

The Bad

Images flood my mind of prisons – the physical, the mental, and the emotional cells that hold us prisoner against our will.

A former athlete confined to a wheelchair.

An addict held hostage by the blinding need for another hit.

A young mother trapped in the vicious cycle of an abusive marriage.

A mental health patient stuck in a system of doctors, diagnoses, treatments.

A celebrity smothered in the adoration and attention of overzealous fans.

The Disturbing

And, then there are those images that need no words…themselves a disturbing depiction of the word ESCAPE.


 If I haven’t scared you off, tell me what good, bad, or disturbing comes to mind when you hear the word escape?

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

  1. THAT PICTURE!!! Fantastic! 🙂 Okay, this is probably just because of the current phase of my life, but when I hear the word escape, I think of Wednesdays when my MIL takes my kiddos and leaves me to work a full day. It’s my only day of the week to work my full-time job and I just feel…light on Wednesdays! I love my children, but it’s hard to work a 9-5 with them underfoot 😉

  2. I had to “escape” from the last picture! That was truly frightening and is now stuck in my mind forever. Thanks a lot.

    For me an an escape is cruising with no worries about preparing meals, grocery shopping, or paying bills (OK I worry about paying for the cruise bill and that can be disturbing when it comes in).

  3. I like your idea of writing as an escape…. come to think of it, that’s really what it is for me, as well. A way of expressing what’s locked inside that may not even be known until it has escaped and taken on the form of the written word.
    My more literal escape interpretation was my hike in the spring woods and precious discoveries of wild native orchids!

    1. I thinking writing is an escape for many writers, and it doesn’t necessarily mean we all live horrid lives that we need to escape. It just allows us to explore other worlds as we share our thoughts, memories, fantasies. I’ll head over and check out your take on the weekly challenge. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. AAAaaaggghhh Sunshine!! I’m on the other side of that looking glass wishing I was next to you breathing in that ocean air and escaping into those blue waters as far as I could see.

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