A Red Circle On The Calendar

Red Circle Days

This week I finally received complimentary copies of my book, Red Circle Days. I can’t begin to express what it feels like to hold my published book in my hands, see my words in print, my face on the back cover!

We all have dreams, and as we strive to make those dreams a reality the road is ever-changing. The smoothly paved stretches can be encouraging yet also deceiving at times, causing us to relax a bit and slow our pace, never anticipating the mountainous climb that awaits just around the bend. As we turn the corner and come face to face with yet another obstacle on our path, another winding twist, we take pause and wonder if we have what it takes to continue the journey.

In light of this reality, we question our very dream, the dream that at one time energized, lit a fire in us that we vowed nothing and no one would ever extinguish. It is when the climb is the steepest, that we allow the thought of quitting to enter our mind, overshadowing all the visions we spent so much time playing and replaying in our mind, like the reel on an old plastic viewfinder…each click an indicator that we’ve left one image behind for our eyes to focus on another, yet each image is part of the bigger picture we must always keep in our line of vision.

In that moment, the moment of doubt, the moment of questioning, the moment of fear, we may slow down or even come to a complete stop – weighed down with insecurity. The important thing is to take a deep breath, revisit that technicolored dream and allow ourselves to believe once more.

Those of you who have expressed an interest in a signed copy of the book, please contact me directly to place your order. Those who have already purchased a copy, I thank you for making me one of the Publisher’s Top Sellers right now, but even more for your support!

If you haven’t gotten a copy, here are a few options: AmazonKindleNook, the Apple iBookstore, and Sarah Book Publishing.


63 thoughts on “A Red Circle On The Calendar

  1. Thank you for your visit to my blog. I’m glad you liked it.
    Your news excites me because I plan on having my first book, based on the letters, launch later this year. You inspire me. Thank you.


    • Hi Gina! Thank you so much! Definitely hang on to your copy, and I’ll sign it this summer. Hope to be there end of July for a couple of weeks. I hope we can get together this time. Love ya my friend!


  2. Still taking congratulations?:D
    The fact of holding the physical book, that is what makes a thing more “real”. Being able to pick your book up in your hands, flip through the pages…and your likeness on the back cover. To have a dream realized. Very cool.


  3. Bought the Nook version of your book and started reading it just now…beautifully written! I think I will enjoy reading it cover to cover. Nicely done! Congrats!


  4. Big congratulations! That must feel fantastic 🙂 Although I’ve been self publishing my ebooks a while now I’ve never held a physical copy. I’m planning to have the physical side of things sorted by the end of the year.

    Well done on fulfilling one of your dreams 🙂 Good luck with the book moving forward!



  5. Great job. I firmly believe that a clear picture of a dream, will guide you and it is great to see yours come true. Both for you and the publishing of your book but for everyone else who dreams. Great job, I am happy for you! Enjoy the experience.


  6. To quote Irene Cara’s song from Flashdance: “What a Feeling . . . Keep Believing!” It must be incredible to hold the finished product in your hands. Loving those color block heels by the way! 😉


    • Ha ha ha! I love that you know and quote that song! Holding the book and seeing my photo on the back is an indescribable feeling. The shoes are a 7 1/2 so if the shoe fits… you can borrow them! I can throw them in the mail with your copy of Red Circle Days. lol


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