The Tiny Gold Cross

I sat across from her unable to take my eyes away, entranced by the weathered hands whose long, slender fingers wrapped around the tiny gold cross hanging on her neck. She slid it side to side, left to right, and I was mesmerized by the repetitive motion. I watched the cross swing on its matching… Read More The Tiny Gold Cross

Her Every Day Hero

Sitting behind the small wooden desk, she watched the clock…2:20pm. Only ten more minutes and she would hear the sound that brought her closer to spending a few minutes with the man who filled her world with laughter and imagination on a daily basis. She brushed a curl off her face as she stole another… Read More Her Every Day Hero

To My Daughter: It’s A World Full Of Sea Glass

Happy 12th Birthday, Olivia! Dear Olivia Rose, Twelve years ago you entered the world and as I held you in my arms and looked into your eyes, I once again voiced the many promises I had been whispering for months as I gently rubbed my growing belly. I promised to always love you with all my… Read More To My Daughter: It’s A World Full Of Sea Glass