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Leah Vidal is a writer at Guideposts Magazines.

Leah is also the author of Red Circle Days, a collection of essays that focus on “those moments in our lives that are imprinted into our very soul – moments that don’t require a photo album or memory book for us to revisit them time and time again. Some may bring to life the very feelings of sheer happiness they brought the day we experienced them. Others bring the heart wrenching sorrow we spend years trying to erase. These are moments that don’t need a reminder or a red circle on a calendar date, our hearts wrapping around them much like the tiny box on a calendar, keeping them contained only to bring them to the surface each year.”

Leah’s other published works include My Other Ex: Women’s True Stories of Loving and Losing Friends.

Leah Vidal’s work also appears at Little Miss Wordy. Her writing covers a range of topics including current events, health and wellness, parenting and daily tribulations. She is most at home when adding a personal element to her writing and sharing life’s little moments…those that plant the thought provoking seed of self discovery. She believes these moments are life’s biggest lessons.

Leah is a BlogHer 2014 Voice Of The Year, Huffington Post Contributor, has been featured in PubSlush Women On Wednesday, Freshly Pressed on WordPress, is a contributor at Felicity Huffman’s What The Flicka and has been featured on the Erma Bombeck website.

Leah paused her career in Public Relations to raise her two children and has never looked back, except on days when it would be nice to have an office to escape to or at least a desk to hide under. Her family currently lives in Texas, where Leah is currently working on her fifth children’s book as well completing her first novel.

Sample interview with Judyth Piazza:  The American Perspective.

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Leah Vidal:

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  1. I am a friend of your brother in law Humberto. Where can I find your stories. He let me read the story about his best friend who he recently lost. I love writing and reading.


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