I like Ike

  “You don’t know what you’re talking about!” “Yes, I do! You’re the one who’s wrong!” “No, I know I’m right, so just leave me alone.” “I’m not even listening to you anymore. I don’t care what you say because I know you’re wrong.” My kids’ argument drowns out the radio as I turn the… Read More I like Ike

Catching Humanity In A Sea Of Funny

“Erma Bombeck wasn’t solely a humorist. Even when she was being funny, there was always an element of human interest in her writing. She took the every day and shined a spotlight of reality onto it. She allowed us to laugh at what seemed monumental, breaking down what once appeared as insurmountable into tiny morsels… Read More Catching Humanity In A Sea Of Funny

Elf On The Shelf’s Costly Christmas Caper

Once upon a time there was a little elf named Olivia. Not surprisingly, Olivia the Elf loved Christmas. One year, Santa sent her a magical little elf which she named Melfy. Melfy had a great run for approximately two years before he mysteriously disappeared. Unbeknownst to Olivia, her parents ordered up a new elf and… Read More Elf On The Shelf’s Costly Christmas Caper

The Snoop Dog Rap: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

This week’s writing challenge: The Best Medicine is an invitation to “Poke fun at yourself, write a limerick, find the absurdity in a real-life situation, come up with some groan-worthy puns, sketch a comic, put some fictional characters in a farcical situation — all’s fair in comedy.” Obviously I don’t have a humor blog, but… Read More The Snoop Dog Rap: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

ESCAPE: THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE DISTURBING Escape. A word that stirs up an endless array of meanings, both at a standard level and a deeply personal one. The mere sound of it whispered softly in one’s ear can ignite the senses of sight and sound propelling us down a road of movie credits, song… Read More Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

Identify Your “Training Wheels” And Smile!

We’ve all met at least one person who treads a little lighter than the rest of us, who grabs life with both hands, experiences it to the fullest. It’s not that they are irresponsible adults. It’s just that their approach to life in general is different from most grown ups. They don’t allow themselves to… Read More Identify Your “Training Wheels” And Smile!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

It was a hot, blustery day and his penetrating gaze was making me even more uncomfortable. I saw him eyeing me the moment I arrived, but dismissed it as curiosity to see someone not of his kind around these parts. He dared to make eye contact with me, and I took that moment to take… Read More Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

Pearl Jam meets WrestleMania

As a mom, there’s nothing sweeter than seeing your kids showing each other some love. Those moments when they are hugging each other and smothering each other in sweet smooches is priceless. However, on more than one occasion that loving moment can quickly turn into a full-blown scene the likes of which WrestleMania can only… Read More Pearl Jam meets WrestleMania

There’s Something Strange In The (WordPress) Neighborhood!

Some strange happenings have been occurring all across the WordPress arena lately. It is all mysterious enough to not only get my attention, but if I was a Great Dane with a speech impediment let’s just say my van would be sporting a “Don’t Bother Knockin” sign and I’d be calling for back up. Here… Read More There’s Something Strange In The (WordPress) Neighborhood!

Holiday Sharing Blogger Challenge

Challenge: Write a post that mentions other bloggers while also mentioning some of your own posts as well. The trick is to incorporate it into your post in a meaningful way. It can be in the form of a story, a letter, a conversation…get creative! Then post a link to your post in the comments… Read More Holiday Sharing Blogger Challenge