Elf On The Shelf’s Costly Christmas Caper

Once upon a time there was a little elf named Olivia.


Not surprisingly, Olivia the Elf loved Christmas.

One year, Santa sent her a magical little elf which she named Melfy.

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Melfy had a great run for approximately two years before he mysteriously disappeared.

Unbeknownst to Olivia, her parents ordered up a new elf and secretly replaced Melfy.

(That was back when all the Elf on a Shelf elves looked the same.)

Of course, the moment the new Melfy arrived, the old Melfy decided to make an appearance.

And so Olivia’s parents made the executive decision that Olivia’s little elf brother, Evan, was now old enough for his very own elf.


Evan the Elf named his magical elf, Dragon.

Melfy and Dragon had tons of fun for several years.

They wrestled super heroes, and even survived a fire.


Well, not really a fire, but Melfy’s collar got burned and Dragon’s chin looked like he was attempting to grow a goatee.

That’s what happens after a day of hanging from the chandelier…literally.

Stick to the shelf, elves!

The battle scars served to differentiate the gender neutral elves, so all was right with the world.

Until…the family moved to Puerto Rico without their belongings and Olivia and Evan’s parents realized their faux pas.

New elves couldn’t be ordered because they don’t make them with unique burn marks.

Although the thought crossed their mind to burn two new elves, it was too risky.

What if they burned the left collar instead of the right?

What if the goatee now looked like a full beard?

So…two new elves arrived this year.

Meet Annabelle and Winston.


They arrived with a letter from Santa, explaining what happened to Melfy and Dragon.


Congratulations Melfy and Dragon on your recent promotion!

And, thank you for warning Annabelle and Winston to be very careful where they hang.


I hope you enjoyed the tale of Elf On The Shelf’s Costly Christmas Caper.

If you don’t think it was costly, do the math.

Each elf costs $35!

25 thoughts on “Elf On The Shelf’s Costly Christmas Caper

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  2. Thank goodness Santa saw the greatness in your elves and gave them a promotion! As for the price …. ummm, if we are only talking about 2 elves over the course of 7-10 years it’s pretty inexpensive, and if you pack these up with your holiday decorations you’ll have years of fun, possibly pass to grandchildren some day ❤


  3. We have to be “sun” mates. I seemed to hide Elfie so well that I couldn’t find him and in Mexico, like the Pilgrims and Christopher Columbus, Elves don’t exist. I should have consulted with you on a letter for tardiness. :0)


  4. my daughter started doing this elf thing with my granddaughter this year. they named her filomena leiderhosen. I am amazed a 2 year old can remember that name.


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