Be Brave Little Merida!

Disney’s character from the movie, Brave, is slated to become Disney’s 11th Princess.

Congratulations Merida!

Disney's Brave

photo: Disney/Pixar

Not so fast because in order for bow and arrow wielding Merida of the long, naturally curly hair and average figure to become a Disney Princess she must undergo a complete makeover. Disney geniuses are changing her beautiful, untamed, long red curls into a salon perfect wavy do of the auburn sort. They are stripping her of her signature badass archery set and replacing it with…nothing. Instead, they are thinning out her face, redoing her eyes, and giving her a smaller waist and overall curvier appearance. Gone is the image of the delightful, tomboyish, spitfire originally introduced to little girls everywhere.

Just what the world needs, another helpless Barbie/wannabe Paris Hilton with no purpose in life.

To each little Merida in the world, I look you straight in the eye and urge you to listen closely. BE BRAVE!

  • When someone tries to convince you it is better to look like everyone else, rather than have your own style…BE BRAVE!
  • When a salon you frequent tries to straighten your beautiful curls or change your hair color “because it’s what everyone in Hollywood is doing”…BE BRAVE!
  • When those around you tell you that your body isn’t perfect and you should starve yourself or take diet pills or turn to cosmetic surgery…BE BRAVE!
  • When someone tries to convince you that standing up for what you believe in is a waste of time…BE BRAVE!
  • When the media suggests the only way to become someone noteworthy is to conform to moral and ethical standards that aren’t your own…BE BRAVE!
  • When Disney introduces you to a strong female character who stands up for herself at any cost, is comfortable in her own skin, and won’t be silenced by anyone…BE BRAVE and applaud her.
  • When Disney then takes that same brave character and strips her of the very characteristics that make her beautiful inside and out, unique, and a good role model for young girls…BE BRAVE and understand they are making a huge mistake with no consideration for their target audience – young impressionable girls like you.

To each woman who is mom to a little Merida, I look you straight in the eye and urge you to listen closely. BE BRAVE!

  • Don’t teach your little Merida to dress a certain way in order to fit in with the cool kids. You are paying for her clothes…BE BRAVE!
  • Don’t teach your little Merida to obsess about her image because you do. It may be too late for you, but it’s not for her…BE BRAVE!
  • Don’t allow her to rush past key developmental stages in her life because other moms are letting their girls do it…BE BRAVE!
  • Don’t teach her to blend in because it takes too much effort to stand out…BE BRAVE!
  • Don’t let the parents she has become so familiar with on the screen do the parenting. You are her parent…BE BRAVE!
  • When Disney introduces a strong female character to your little girl, a character that exemplifies strength, natural beauty, determination, and intelligence make sure you point it out to your little girl and explain why those are things to strive for in life. Discuss it at length…BE BRAVE!
  • When Disney then takes that same brave character and strips her of all the things you know you want your little girl to embrace in the future, tell her it’s wrong. Tell her they are making a huge mistake, and not just with their target audience. Make sure you tell her they’re also making a huge mistake with those who make the time to take those young girls to the theatre, those who buy the movie ticket, the popcorn, the dress up clothes, and all the promotional merchandise that goes along with a Disney movie…their moms! BE BRAVE!

What’s your take? Mom or not, are you as outraged as I am?

If so visit and sign the petition below.

Disney: Say No to the Merida Makeover, Keep Our Hero Brave!

22 thoughts on “Be Brave Little Merida!

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  5. super astute. I didn’t notice any of this until you pointed it out–though I confess to watching the movie. Er…the…ah..nieces were over…yeah! That’s it. And yes, Leah, too late for me not to use that yardstick, but if only woman could be viewed for all they contribute–and not just how they pretty up a place.


    • It is really a great movie! I understand those of us that have expressed our disappointment appear to have caused enough of an uproar for Disney to have changed the image on their website back to the original Merida. They haven’t made any official announcement yet on what direction they will officially take. Keeping my fingers crossed!


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  7. Just what the world needs, another helpless Barbie/wannabe Paris Hilton with no purpose in life.<—- Exactly.

    I can't believe Disney is doing this. I hope I don't have to ban them from my home, but if they go through with this shizz, I just may! And what a FABULOUS movie to ruin. Taking the brave, strong, independent lady and turning her into a model. Ugh.

    P.S. I grabbed your badge! I don't know how I missed all this–duh!


  8. I’ve been watching the outrage around this via Facebook (The Mighty Girl). Couldn’t agree more. They’ve taken away all the personality from Merida and made her into an identikit Disney princess.


  9. Oh yes – I agree. Why can’t Disney let the girls have a strong figure to copy?

    Don’t allow her to rush past key developmental stages in her life because other moms are letting their girls do it…BE BRAVE!

    Yes! Exactly.


  10. Oh how I love this too!!!! Will share… I love your message and I do hope all women can be BRAVE!!! And all those precious vulnerable girls out there (including mine) that thinks this is what makes them worthy…


  11. NO DISNEY NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Merida was PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was so easy to relate to and appreciate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HERE HERE LITTLE MISS WORDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would go see Brave over and over but I will not partake of any items that include a made over Merida. She was absolutely lovely just the way she was.


    • I am outraged and extremely disappointed in Disney. You are absolutely right. She was relatable and that’s what made her a great role model, a strong female character, a little spitfire! Boo Disney!


      • SUPER BOO!!!! We just went for the first time last year. Brave had fast moved in to my favorite movie. I actually went to the theater a couple of times to see it and bought THREE copies for people. What is wrong with them?

        Sad part is, people will buy in to the new version. 😦


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