I like Ike

  “You don’t know what you’re talking about!” “Yes, I do! You’re the one who’s wrong!” “No, I know I’m right, so just leave me alone.” “I’m not even listening to you anymore. I don’t care what you say because I know you’re wrong.” My kids’ argument drowns out the radio as I turn the… Read More I like Ike

Imagine A World…

“We extend a special welcome to those who are single, married, divorced, gay, and filthy rich or dirt poor. And to those who are crying newborns, skinny as a rail, or who could afford to lose a few pounds. We welcome you if you can sing like Barbara Streisand or like our priest, who can’t… Read More Imagine A World…

What Will Your Family Story Be?

He wasn’t a big fan of his birthday, but he sure enjoyed celebrating life. He was the first to turn on some music, call friends and family to join him, and cook something up to share with all his loved ones. I’ve never met someone who enjoyed having a house full of friends and family… Read More What Will Your Family Story Be?

Are You An Internal or External Processor?

“He’s such an external processor. His presence on social media is basically every tiny detail of his life. It’s extremely annoying.” I overheard this statement recently, and it stuck with me. It got me wondering whether I am an external processor or an internal processor? We all process information differently. Some people need to talk… Read More Are You An Internal or External Processor?

It’s Seasonal

I waited for his response, filled with hope that the words he directed at me would be the ones I wanted to hear. “It’s seasonal.” His polite tone didn’t soften the blow. Disappointment consumed me. I never imagined a Costco employee could stir up such emotion in me, but that is exactly what he did when… Read More It’s Seasonal

God’s Light Reaches The Toughest Weeds

      Hope bursts through the toughest soil. Slowly it covers the ground in its infinite ploy to reach those thirsty souls which have been covered in layers of soil. Watch and wait for life to find its way to the surface once more. Souls blinded in darkness for so long crave the light… Read More God’s Light Reaches The Toughest Weeds

How Do You See The World?

“I love the way you see the world.” His words took me by surprise. I leaned back in my seat and looked over at him. “What do you mean?” “You have a way of looking at things that displays your enthusiasm for all the world to see. Yet, you have no idea because you’re so… Read More How Do You See The World?

The Unexpected Lesson I Learned From A Writing Class

  She swiftly pulls out her notebook, and places a set of colored markers beside it on the desk. Next, she opens her laptop and slides it to the left side so she has room to angle her notebook. She’s right-handed. I watch her intently, so close I could reach out and touch her, though… Read More The Unexpected Lesson I Learned From A Writing Class

Queen Of Everything

The world was her stage and I secretly gave her the title, Queen of Everything. She was only ten years old yet carried herself like royalty, spending her afternoons walking an imaginary runway in her mom’s heels, schoolbooks precariously stacked atop her head. I looked up to her in much the same way I did my… Read More Queen Of Everything

I Come From Nothing

I come from nothing. I tell my children in hopes they will have an appreciation for our nice house, their own bedroom and bathroom, all the activities they get to participate in, etc. It stems from my concern that my children won’t find a source of motivation in their lives. My childhood looked a lot… Read More I Come From Nothing