Dreams Unraveled

  This was not the day she had imagined when her alarm clock went off this morning. Notorious for running late, she still took the time to straighten her hair and apply makeup. It was the first day of her senior year, and Clarice was ready to graduate and pursue her dream. She stood before… Read More Dreams Unraveled

Destiny Isn’t For Victims. Fate Isn’t For Fools.

Destiny Fate They softly flutter about us like windswept leaves dressed in autumn hues painting a picture of approaching change that will alter our landscape with a future we never envisioned, but one we readily accept because after all it was meant to be. And yet, these same letters come together, stringing words with a… Read More Destiny Isn’t For Victims. Fate Isn’t For Fools.

Goodbye Nightmare Lover!

The nightmare took over. It came to me night after night, tiptoeing into my peaceful sleep and curling up beside me like a longtime lover. Quietly climbing into my bed, slowly inching over my body, not near enough to touch, but close enough to hover over my warm skin, its breath upon me. Beginning with… Read More Goodbye Nightmare Lover!

My Word-ly Travels

She loved to read and became so lost in her books it was as if she left her bedroom and stepped into the very places those stories took place. Ever since she was a little girl, she dreamed of faraway places. She envisioned herself traveling around the globe and even outer space. Her dreams were… Read More My Word-ly Travels