It’s Seasonal

I waited for his response, filled with hope that the words he directed at me would be the ones I wanted to hear. “It’s seasonal.” His polite tone didn’t soften the blow. Disappointment consumed me. I never imagined a Costco employee could stir up such emotion in me, but that is exactly what he did when… Read More It’s Seasonal

God’s Light Reaches The Toughest Weeds

      Hope bursts through the toughest soil. Slowly it covers the ground in its infinite ploy to reach those thirsty souls which have been covered in layers of soil. Watch and wait for life to find its way to the surface once more. Souls blinded in darkness for so long crave the light… Read More God’s Light Reaches The Toughest Weeds

How Do You See The World?

“I love the way you see the world.” His words took me by surprise. I leaned back in my seat and looked over at him. “What do you mean?” “You have a way of looking at things that displays your enthusiasm for all the world to see. Yet, you have no idea because you’re so… Read More How Do You See The World?