Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

Photo Credit: littlemisswordy

Photo Credit: littlemisswordyΒ (taken at the beach in Ponce, Puerto Rico)

“Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in [Jersey] anymore.” This Jersey girl is definitely far from the Jersey shore these days. The beach I walk along nowadays holds promises of treasures to be found. I walk with my head down, seeking them as a bloodhound who has picked up a scent. I have filled jars and jars of sea glass in a rainbow of colors. I have decorated trays, boxes, and lamps with these tiny jewels, and smile when my eye catches a glimpse of them as I travel from the kitchen to the living room or the bathroom to the bedroom. You see, I have placed them all around me as reminders of what I almost missed…what almost got lost in the details.

Can you see the treasures in this photo?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

36 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

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  2. It’s inspiring to keep remnants of our journeys close to the sea. Each pepple, shell, drift wood reminds us of the joy we felt during those moments and how blessed we are to experience them. Plus they do make great home accents.


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  5. Hey! I do exactly that. I have filled so many containers, always meaning to do something more with the pieces of sea glass. I used to collect all coloured glass but got fussy and only pick up white, green or blue and it has to be completely matt and smooth edged. It is treasure. Only problem is I forget to look at the all the wonders around me because my head is down!


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    • I find it interesting how some see the heart and others don’t. Sea glass is one of those “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” kind of thing. It is basically glass that has ended up in the ocean. Through time it becomes smooth due to the tumbling around in waves, etc. When it washes ashore, it just a pretty little jewel of sorts…to me anyway. πŸ™‚


  7. I count two, possibly three pieces of sea glass. Talk about coincidence too. I was out with my daughter this morning collecting sea glass for a photo idea I have. I also grabbed a bucket of gravel that looks an awful lot like what’s in your photo to use as background.


      • We had a great time. It was a tough sell getting her to throw back the “pretty” though not yet sea glass pieces. πŸ™‚
        Here is the result of my little experiment:

        I’m not quite sure it came out as well as I’d envisioned, but I’m pretty happy with it.

        Lastly, don;t get too excited by all the glass in the photo. They are all planted. I found a good handful while out shooting sunrise two weeks ago, and then a bunch more this past Saturday with my daughter. I then picked a bunch of the nicer pieces for the photo. The theme I was working towards was “Colors.”


  8. i really love this pic – so simple yet as you say so full of treasure – as a kid ad even a teenager i loved to walk the beach picking up bits of coloured glass and smooth and precious [to me] stones… thankx for the reminder… keep on…


    • Thank you. I spent many a summer at the beach, but never at a beach where I found sea glass. I had quite the shell collection back then, but these little glass treasures really make my day! πŸ™‚


      • On the coast of Washinton and Oregon about the only fun stones to find are Aggots. I probably misspelled that. They come in a variety of colors, some not recognizable until held up to the light. Of course we also collect smooth shards of glass.


  9. Love this photo πŸ™‚ Look at the crazy variety of colors and shapes on display, I can almost feel the textures, ah so many memories πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing!

    Hope you’re having a nice weekend.



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