Get Your Head Out Of The Gutter!

All roads lead somewhere, but sometimes we keep taking the same road over and over again, head down, not really getting any where. I don’t mean your commute to work as sometimes that can’t be changed, and I don’t mean this only in the physical sense. How much are we not seeing because we are just going through the motions? Do we remain on that road out of habit, a sense of comfort, fear? What would happen if we change our direction just a bit, and tried heading down a different path? We’ll never know if we don’t try it. Whether it’s in our career, personal life, or spiritual walk, we will never know what’s in store for us if we don’t look around and take that first step down a different road. On that new road, we may find the reward to be greater than anything we could have ever imagined, or we may just confirm that the road we’ve been on is the right one for us. Either way, simply looking at things with a fresh perspective can be enlightening.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve started running in the mornings, a huge challenge for someone who isn’t a morning person. I don’t like to talk when I run, mostly because I’m too busy trying to breathe, and I don’t really look around much. I spend my time looking down, trying to talk myself into the next mile, mentally pushing myself to make it across the bridge and back.

Most mornings, this is what I see.

What I’ve been missing out on seeing is this.

The road I travel may have only shifted just a bit, but my perspective shifted a lot. My run hasn’t gotten any easier, I’m still trying to breathe, but the reward has definitely been enlightening!

Are you stuck on the same road, wishing for a change?

Are you being pushed in a new direction, but you’re too afraid to take that first step?

Is there a way to shift your direction a bit, change your perspective, and maybe reap the rewards?

What are you waiting for?

16 thoughts on “Get Your Head Out Of The Gutter!

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  2. Awesome link up to the Creative Buzz Hop!! Am following you via Bloglovin. I agree, we sometimes stay on the same road, painful as it is, because of our misguided sense of security and comfort. Please join us for more hop link ups!


  3. I totally get the looking up and around you thing, instead of focussing too much (remember I had that with the seaglass) however I am totally blown away by where you live instead, sorry. So, so beautiful! Can you slow down or shorten your run so that you enjoy it? I am no runner either but that’s how I get myself out every morning to do it. It has to be doable and I blooming walk if it’s not.:)


    • That’s right, we have that in common when hunting for sea glass. 😉 Yes, it is a beautiful island. Unfortunately, it is way more challenging to live here. Slowing is good advice, and I’ve trying doing just that so I can run farther and breathe easier. Some days are just easier than others! 😀


    • Hey stranger! You’re back! I was about to send out a search party! Thought the stress of renaming your blog got to you. 😉 I know, because I stressed about the new look of my blog. Glad you like it!


  4. So, you homeschoool. You run even when you don’t want to. You’re bilingual. You write. You’re beautiful, as is your new blog design, BTW! I think it’s safe to say I am officially jealous and probably borderline self-loathing right now. Thanks.



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