Spotlight On The World

Words, when they come to life are an amazing thing. Whether their effect on us is through something we’ve read or by word of mouth, when words come to life they are amazing. When they linger with you for days, tumbling around in your heart and mind like the delicate cycle on your dryer, in constant motion gently nudging you to take a closer look, you must. I have had a string of words shared by a complete stranger floating and twisting around as though windblown for some time. They come close to being still and landing as though the wind died down, yet before I can grasp their full meaning, they again take flight.

photo credit: littlemisswordy

photo credit: littlemisswordy

These are the words: God has given each of us a light. It is up to us to shine that light on others. If you only use your light as a spotlight, you are not using your light to its full potential. If the sun only shone on a small number of crops, all the other crops even those closest to the light would wither and die because they were not touched by the light. As uncomfortable as it may make you, as difficult as it may be, you must shine your light on others.

This week’s events have been disheartening in so many ways. I don’t often watch the news because it depresses me to see so much evil being reported. After the bombing at the Boston Marathon, I’ve been watching the news quite a bit. Just as I was about to retreat back into my bubble, having had enough of the horrific news reports, I heard about the explosions in West, Texas, a town just north of Waco where my son was born seven years ago.

Again, I become glued to the news and what do I see upon further inspection? I see those words come to life. I see spotlights in the midst of tragedy so great that not too long ago would have been something seen on a movie screen or written in a book you can’t put down…something we could imagine because to believe it could truly affect us in the real world was impossible. The longer I watch the news the more those spotlights expand, shining a light so great it reaches out and blankets all of those affected, breathing hope into those left behind to face our reality.

I wasn’t planning on writing about these tragedies, believing there was nothing I could contribute that hadn’t already been shared, believing I could not bring words to life that would offer comfort, believing there was nothing I could say to shed new light on the subject. Maybe there isn’t, but not sharing the words of this complete stranger would be the equivalent of turning my own spotlight off.

21 thoughts on “Spotlight On The World

  1. I’m glad you decided to write about this event, albeit disturbing and depressing. It’s always nice to get another perspective on the issue. And those words, twirling around in your head couldn’t have been shared at a more fitting time.


  2. Beautiful writing. Wonderful metaphors. I was one of those who didn’t write about it because i didn’t have anything to say… But the idea of spotlights growing brighter and brighter until it isn’t a spotlight anymore is exciting. It takes many of us, doesn’t it. Thanks for the quote as well!


  3. Thank you for sharing this today. I think that your light is definitely shining brightly. I think when you write what you feel from your heart, you end up with wonderful creations like this! 🙂


  4. I felt the same way about writing about these things. I didn’t think there was anything I could say or write that hadn’t already been said or written. But we each bring our own perspective and, in your case, beautiful words to the table. Thank you for yours!


    • I think it’s because for us writers/bloggers words are usually our go to for everything. We turn to them when we need to express something and when we need a therapeutic action. When something of this magnitude occurs, there really are no words. Thankfully, we still try.


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