Crank Up The Radio And Hear Little Miss Wordy!

Judyth Piazza, talk show host and journalist, interviewed me on The American Perspective.

What did we talk about? Red Circle Days of course!

I’m on a field trip in Washington, DC (perks of homeschooling), and will get back to my

“regularly scheduled blogging” next week.

Indulge me a little longer while I celebrate a very special Red Circle Day in my life!

RCD front cover Final

There are moments in our lives that are imprinted into our very soul. Moments that don’t require a photo album or memory book for us to revisit them time and time again. Some may bring to life the very feelings of sheer happiness they brought the day we experienced them. Others bring the heart wrenching sorrow we spend years trying to erase. These are moments that don’t need a reminder or a red circle on a calendar date, our hearts wrapping around them much like the tiny box on a calendar, keeping them contained only to bring them to the surface each year. Red Circle Days is a collection of those moments that I will forever carry with me, thought-provoking moments and stories which have left an indelible imprint on my very soul.

Red Circle Days  is available on AmazonKindleNook, the Apple iBookstore, and Sarah Book Publishing.


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    1. I love your confidence! Dreaming is free right, so we’ll be famous together and be like Kathy and Hoda, but way cooler and we’ll invite all our blogger friends to promote their stuff! You’ve got me dreaming BIG now! 😉

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