I WANT CANDY…CRUSH! (Photo Friday)

I’m more of a word game kinda gal. No surprise there I’m sure! However, I recently caved and started playing Candy Crush. I’m currently on level 65 where I have to clear chocolate squares that keep reproducing with every move I make while simultaneously clearing candy out of jelly squares.  The only chocolate I’ve been good at clearing lately is the bag of Hershey’s Kisses I brought home. I’m annoyed with myself for having even started the darn game.

Have you given in to the Candy Crush craze or any of the other popular games lately?


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21 thoughts on “I WANT CANDY…CRUSH! (Photo Friday)

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  2. Well, it should come as no surprise that I’ve never heard of this game. Remember, I’m the mom who still hasn’t purchased a Wii for her kids. But now that you mention it, I think I’ve seen a few of my girlfriends huddled over their iPhones playing a ‘candy game’ during their daughter’s dance rehearsals.

    Might this be the game you’re referring too? In any case, I do LOVE Hershey’s chocolate. Does that count? 😉


    • Ha! Of course you haven’t! The “candy game” you’ve seen them huddled over is exactly the one I’m referring to and has likely sucked them in too.

      I know your passion for chocolate, especially in the closet after Halloween if I recall correctly. lol Chocolate is definitely my weakness!


  3. A few weeks ago, we were driving around. One of my kids started talking to my wife about what levels they were on. Being the fool that I am, I boasted that I could reach their levels in two days. So, I started playing. What a stupid, boring game. So, why did I get hooked? Probably because it is simple. I got to Level 65 — be forewarned, you’ll be at that level for days if not weeks. I’m trying to break the habit this week while I’m at a writer’s workshop. I’m busy all day long and have managed for two days not to pull my phone out and play the game. Hopefully, I’ve cured myself of it. 🙂


    • The game itself is dumb. Like you, my competitive nature got the best of me. I’ve been on this stupid level for days. Ready to delete the darn game. I hope you’ve cured yourself. There may be hope for me too. 😉


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