Napa Valley Through My Lens – Photo Friday

21 thoughts on “Napa Valley Through My Lens – Photo Friday

  1. Wow! You should send this montage to their chamber of commerce! You have capsulized them in an amazing way! Do you have a website showing what you can do? I GET that this may be a hobby for you and you may not want to make it a “job” but you do know how good you are… right? This is one for your portfolio! I live in Paso Robles another litte up and coming winery town and this was a stellar representation of anything any one of our organizations would be proud to use as an opening page! You should contact your logal community magazine and show them your eye and work and I know they’d snatch you up!
    Take it from someone who appreciates a good picture!
    Someday I would love to publish a book of poetry. I wish I had the talent to take the photos that I love to use with my words! You have both!


    • Thank you! I really enjoyed taking these pics, although it was extremely difficult to choose which ones to share since I had taken over 600!! 😉 I’m always that person with the camera and really enjoy it, but I know there are way more talented folks out there. When I get back to the states I would like to take a class to better understand photography. For now, I just try to capture what I see and love to share with others!


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