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I had the honor of being featured at More Than Mommies this morning for The Sunday Sip. Check it out!


It’s Sunday!  Which means that More Than Mommies is here with another edition of The Sunday Sip.  You are going to LOVE meeting our featured blogger this weekend – if you don’t already know her!  If you do already know her then you know that she cherishes blog comments as much as we do – so stop by leave her some love . . . and tell her we love her, too!

I now give you – Leah from Little Miss Wordy!

The Sunday Sip at More Than Mommies


So tell us, Leah . . . what’s in your cup this morning?

Coffee, I was raised in a Cuban Starbucks.

Anyone who WASN’T drinking coffee before reading that post is surely off to make a cup now . . . as a matter of fact, I think I need to tak a minute to go pour myself another cup!

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Some of our readers know who you are and some of them will be meeting you for the first time.  How would you introduce yourself to those who aren’t familiar with you or your blog?

I am Leah Vidal, a mom of two, married to my best friend for eighteen years, writer, blogger, and newly published author of Red Circle Days. I paused my career to raise my children and have never looked back, except on those days when it would be nice to have an office to escape to or even a desk to hide under. We currently reside in Puerto Rico, but maintain a home in Texas as well so we live in limbo most of the time.

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How did you come up with the blog title “Little Miss Wordy” was there a process that you went through in finding the perfect name?

Blog names typically say something about the blogger in very few words. Once when asked to describe myself in one word on an application, I answered “wordy” – True Story. I was shocked the domain name was available. It was meant to be!

 Is there a post that you would like us to have our readers stop by when they visit today?  Anything you are particularly proud of or find a lot of people seem to relate to?

I submitted an entry for a WordPress weekly challenge which ended up challenging me not just in my writing, but on many levels. I wrote in regards to my brother’s mental illness for the first time ever, and it was a very emotional piece for me. It was Freshly Pressed, and I was honored but also happy that it would reach many more readers. Mental illness and it’s effects on family members is a topic that isn’t discussed enough in my opinion.

Why did you start blogging?  I know that a lot of us start because of a need to just connect and share.  Did you have a vision when you started?  Has that vision changed at all?

A few years ago, when my family relocated to Puerto Rico I started a site to share photos and keep family and friends up to date. I added a section called “Random Thoughts” and discovered a true passion for writing. The more of my writing I shared, the more people wanted to read and encouraged me to start a blog. Once I figured out what a blog was was born. A vision? I’ll get right on that! Right now I just enjoy making words come to life and sharing them with the world.

At More Than Mommies we are always looking for what makes women MORE than their #1 job, being a Mommy.  Being a Mommy takes up SO much of us but it isn’t all that we are.  What makes you more than a Mommy?

I am fitness focused (physically, mentally, and spiritually) believing we need to pay attention to all three in order to maintain a healthy balance. I love to write obviously, but avoiding the kitchen is one of my favorite pastimes.

Thanks so much for sitting down with us this morning, Leah!  It has been a true pleasure to share your stories with our readers and I know that they will LOVE them as much as I do!


You can find Leah blogging at Little Miss Wordy and follow her on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest and G+.  You can also snag her book, “Red Circle Days” on Amazon (Kindle version is only 99 cents!).


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8 thoughts on “The Sunday Sip…Fill Your Cup

  1. Enjoyed getting to know a little more about you… makes me think of the words from the song in the “King and I”…..
    Getting to know you,
    Getting to know all about you.
    Getting to like you,
    Getting to hope you like me.

  2. Leah…. my phone is doing crazy things… I just read this:

    Some of our readers know who you are and some of them will be meeting you for the first time. How would you introduce yourself to those who aren’t familiar with you or your blog?
    And so I answered you thinking it was a prompt…. lol… what a ditz I am… When I got on my laptop I read the entire post… . and realized that this was your interview… I am so proud of you! I didn’t know half of these things you shared!
    But I feel like a ditz… I thought that as I said… you were prompting us to share…
    Arghhh I feel like a fool now! 🙂

  3. Leah! What a great idea! Thank you for the opportunity! I will bite!

    I am Diane! I am a writer!…
    lol… that sounds a little like the opening to an AA meeting. But at times, I feel that it is not that far off. Though, I think that introductions at AA meetings are actually supposed to be a positive thing and not a confession. But a triumph! They are in the process of becoming their authentic selves without interruption! As writers… I think that we are constantly trying to be uninterrupted and attempting to be the authentic part of ourselves that we value… and feel it is important to embrace the “writer” in us all…
    In my little space… I pull back the layers of
    “me” and invite you to come along as I try to figure out….”What I know for sure”.

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