“Moms Vs. Award Season: Who Are You Wearing?”

Through the years, the typical mom outfit has morphed from the days June Cleaver stood in her immaculate home in high heels and dress topped with a kitchen apron and strand of pearls. Moms in the nineties embraced a high waisted jean (I’m talking above the belly button) which made every woman wearing them appear to have a flatter, longer butt than they really had. Of course, these “mom jeans” as they came to be known were always paired with a top that was tucked in to the pants. I’ll leave you with that visual as we reflect on what moms of recent years are wearing…yoga pants. Yoga pants designed for the practice of yoga or any activity requiring a lot of movement such as bending and stretching has become a mom favorite.

Katia of I Am The Milk invited fellow bloggers to “Imagine an army of moms in yoga pants, sweats and buns invading the red carpet and responding to a slightly confused “Who are you wearing?” Wanna be that mom? We bring you a different kind of red carpet vision. A #365 Feminist Selfie red carpet. Stay, admire the parade of outfits you’re about to see and share your own through our linkup. The linkup is live until Sunday evening. You can also tweet about us with the hashtag #WhoAreYouWearingMom and invite your friends to join.”

Who are you wearing?, Award Season, Red Carpet

Her invitation immediately took me back approximately five years when our family relocated to the island of Puerto Rico and particularly to the first week of school for my two kiddos. We had been camping out in our home for a couple of weeks as we faced delay after delay on the arrival of our home goods. The first few nights of air mattresses, no television, and either sandwiches or eating out were a welcome adventure, but like any camping trip you eventually long for the commodities of your normal life…especially the feeling of being surrounded by your own things.

I arrived at school, two kids in tow, wearing running shoes, cutoff shorts, and my Beatles t-shirt as I embraced the adventure that was my life. Truth be told, home goods or no goods, this had become my “mom outfit.” Being a stay at home mom on a tropical climate simply meant I exchanged my flip flops for running shoes on days I expected to be productive. Apparently, I was alone on this fashion choice.

As I approached the school, I felt like I had been transported onto the Latin red carpet of all red carpets! Woman after woman arrived with kids in tow, dressed in high heels, stunning outfit, perfectly applied makeup, hair done impeccably, and gracefully strutted in all their glory from car to front door of the school.

As the days progressed, much to my dismay I learned contrary to the ideas I had conjured up about these women and their demanding, high powered day jobs, they were stay at home moms just like me…well not exactly like me. If their afternoon wardrobe was any indication, they either spent their entire day shopping for the next outfit or in their massive walk in closets planning that afternoon’s wardrobe change.

Alas, while I admired their enthusiasm for fashion and whatever they were putting in their morning coffee to get that all accomplished before 8am, I continued to look much like I do in this photo.

#365 Feminist Selfie, Red Carpet, Award Season

In writing this post, I realized two things:

1. My daily wardrobe is apparently not a kodak moment, EVER, as it was extremely difficult to find a photo of me in it.

2. I guess it’s not only my mom outfit, but my travel outfit too since this pic was taken on a trip to Washington, DC.

Take that Joan Rivers!

9 thoughts on ““Moms Vs. Award Season: Who Are You Wearing?”

  1. You look ADORABLE! Especially compared to my picture 😉 I took a funny selfie of my self WHILE getting a perm, just to play “You Married That” w/my husband, but it seemed like a good picture to share! I mentioned Joan RIvers in my post, too, I love her!

    1. Ha ha. Thanks. I’m not sure about adorable, but it’s definitely what I’m most “me” in if you know what I mean. I’m heading over to check out your post, you brave woman, you! 😉

  2. I wanted to link up but chickened out lol. I’d take that look anytime! Matter of fact, that’s how I look most days. I only wear pants because I need to go work and short pants are not allowes LOL.
    ps. If there will be a zombie apocalypse, we’d be running well ahead of them all.:)

    1. Chickened out?! Why? You should still participate! It’s a great project and one we as women/moms should get behind. I rarely wear pants so I get that! That didn’t sound right, but you know what I mean. LOL See you at the finish line! 😉

  3. This was so interesting! It was kind of the opposite process for me. You know that I’m originally from the middle east, right? I was never a mom in Israel (I started having kids after I moved to Canada) but I’m pretty sure that it’s far more common to see moms all glammed up at school pick ups and drop offs. Might be a warm climate thing? Have no idea. This post brought back memories of me being the only mom wearing makeup (and feeling kind of silly for it) when my older one started nursery school last year. Everyone else was in yoga pants and au naturel. A lot has changed since, you win Sleep Deprivation!

    Thank you so much for doing this with us, Leonor. I’m SO happy you joined us!

    1. Wow! I can’t imagine being on the flip side. I guess when you’re the one on the opposite side it doesn’t matter which side that is…the feeling is the same. I had no idea you’re from the middle east. Love to learn something new about my fellow blogger friends. Thanks again for inviting me to participate. This is a great project and one I’m happy to promote!

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