Boys To Men: A Glimpse Of The Future

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I watch them from the sidelines as they stand side by side on the edge of the field. Every so often they turn and high five each other, throw an arm over a teammate/friend’s shoulder. With the short attention span of little boys, a couple of them roughhouse with those standing closest to them until the coach reminds them to focus on the game. In these instances, I catch glimpses of their faces and can’t help but wonder if I’m catching a glimpse of their future as well.

My eyes methodically travel down the line, and come to rest on each jersey, seeing more than just their number. These boys already exhibit certain characteristics that will become prominent as they grow into men.

#boystomen, #teamsports, #lifelessons

Number 17 stands still, eyes directed at the field and his fellow teammates in action. He watches each play intently, tuning out the more restless boys on either side of him. Will he grow to be the kind of man who is focused and driven, eyes on the prize at all times? Will this cause him to neglect those he loves most, not understanding they need his love and attention more than his paycheck?

Number 23 is just as focused on the game, but expresses his enthusiasm not only for each pass completed. He also jumps in the air, his little cleats stomping the grass as he yells “Good job guys!” and “That’s the way we do it!” Will he be that guy who always encourages and supports those around him? Will he be the go to guy when someone needs a little push to overcome life’s obstacles or will he be the man who hides his true emotions behind a facade of smiles and cheers, always giving others, never sharing of himself?

Number 4 is more focused on the blades of grass at his feet as he pulls one, twirls it in his hands as though he’s seeing it for the first time, oblivious to the activity surrounding him. Will he grow up to be a man who takes pleasure in the small things in life? Will he appreciate all the parts that make a whole or will he get so caught up in the little things, that he misses the big picture?

Number 32 can’t stand still as he shifts his feet this way and that way. He alternates between watching the game and watching his teammates goofing around beside him. Will he spend his adult days always on the sidelines, watching but never truly participating? Or, will he be the type of man who tunes in to everyone around him, always fully present for each?

Whatever these little boys turn out to be as they grow into the men in our lives, our daughter’s lives, and our communities, I hope they take the lessons they are learning today and hold them close to their hearts.

The field may be a tough place at times, full of surprises, wrought with confusion, and a place of decisions both instant and well thought out, but isn’t that life? I hope these boys take their commitment to their friends and teammates today and turn it into commitment to their significant others and family in the future. I hope they apply the same drive and determination they display today to the things they are truly passionate about as they make their way through life. I pray they hold on to the pleasure they currently take in the small things and truly take the time out to embrace the little things that will tend to be harder to see as they get older. I wish for their future self to be the guy who encourages others from the sidelines when necessary, but also the guy who knows when to jump in and make things happen. More than anything, I hope they will be ever present in each moment life presents for themselves as well as those around them.

We, as a whole, spend so much time complaining about our youth today and the mistakes they make. We try to find a way to mold them into what we think they should be or what society needs them to be when they are all grown up. And yet, our children already hold admirable characteristics that they are applying on a daily basis, in sports, in the classroom, at home. They are exhibiting admirable qualities every time they help someone up, cheer someone on, show up for practice, commit to an entire season, and hang on to a belief that won’t let them quit. It is our job, as parents, teachers, coaches, to support and guide them from the sidelines, help them embrace the great qualities they already display today, because one day the little boys standing on the sidelines will take the field.

8 thoughts on “Boys To Men: A Glimpse Of The Future

  1. THIS IS BRILLIANT! I would seriously copy and paste what both the dudes said- but since Don said the F word- I will simply choose the cooler “Ad lib” dude on top! LOL

    I seriously can’t say it better than him…
    Brilliantly written. You have a tremendous gift for observation and wonder, and an equally tremendous gift for putting it all on paper. Thanks for a wonderful read!

    As I read it – I thought to myself “Red Circle Days” book TWO. 🙂

  2. Lovely analysis of their expression!! It will indeed be interesting to see whether their temperament remains the same and what they do about it as they grow!!

  3. Brilliantly written. You have a tremendous gift for observation and wonder, and an equally tremendous gift for putting it all on paper. Thanks for a wonderful read!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I am definitely an observer (all the time) and am glad my observations transfer to a “wonderful read” for you. I think I’ve already mentioned it, but it’s good to see you back in the bloggerhood!

  4. Okay, so I love the fuck out of this, if I may say fuck here. I hope that’s okay! I coach little ones in baseball and soccer and just love how different they are and agree that you can really almost tell what sort of person he’ll grow into even now.

    1. Ha ha. Yes you may, and I am glad you love it. I see some amazing qualities in these kiddos every day and I just hope that life/society/we don’t suffocate those qualities before they even have time to flourish. The seed is there. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! BTW, I find it admirable that you coach little ones as I know it takes time, commitment, patience, energy, etc. Virtual High Five to you!

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