My Starbucks Name Is Leah

People often ask me how I chose the name Leah Vidal as my pen name when Red Circle Days was published. Well…it’s my Starbucks name and not because they purposely misspell Leonor. I got tired of the barista stuttering when my coffee was ready or worse yet, not even trying to attempt my name at all leaving me to finally approach the counter for my not so hot coffee. I’m not one of those people who needs it piping hot, but I’m not the kind who drinks iced coffee either.

What kind are you?


Picture this. You have just been served a steaming cup of your favorite coffee. You know, that cup you’ve been tasting since you opened your eyes to the tunes of your local station. Lifting the cup to your lips and inhaling that powerful aroma will make your senses awaken to a brand new day full of possibility, and everything will look just a little brighter with some caffeine in your system. For most of us coffee drinkers, that first morning cup is key to starting our day. That’s a lot of pressure on a little mug, even if it has carried the title of “World’s Greatest Mom” for twelve years and counting.

I personally, am a hold the hot cup in hand for a some time, taking it all in and allowing it to cool down a bit for fear of burning my tongue. However, I have been witness to some who cannot wait one second before taking a gulp. Not only am I in awe of these folks, specifically that their tongue can be submitted to such temperatures without even a flinch, but I also wonder if that’s how they approach life in general.

Coffee Drinker A: Are they the kind that are all about instant gratification, impatient, the “I Want It Now” generation? Are they the kind who don’t think before they leap/drink? Can they not be bothered with strategic planning and cost analysis or are they simply fearless, live in the moment kinda folks who will always take that leap of faith no matter the situation?

Coffee Drinker B: Based on my approach then, I guess I might be categorized as too fearful to make a move, the kind who has to analyze everything before taking a step/sip. Or maybe I just like to savor the moment, commit it to memory before moving on in case what’s coming down the pipeline isn’t as pleasant. I’m definitely comfortable in this category as I’m sure to avoid getting burned.

An interesting and totally random thought…the caffeinated approach to life. Think about it when you pick up your next cup of coffee or as you’re standing in line waiting to be rewarded with a steamy, grande, two sweet n low, skinny latte…oh wait that’s my order. Nevertheless, I guarantee you will observe both types of coffee drinkers all around you.

How about you? Are you Coffee Drinker A or Coffee Drinker B?

Of course, if you’re not a coffee drinker, then it’s a moot point. And, I just basically wasted 2.3 minutes of your life or however long it took you to read this random thought. Cheers!

29 thoughts on “My Starbucks Name Is Leah

  1. I think I fall somewhere in the middle there. It depends on the morning, I think. Some mornings it’s just imperative to get that first down and done. Others I just take my time, open my laptop, and curl up in my corner of the couch and enjoy the moments of quiet before everything else comes to life then take that glorious sip.

    1. Of course you’re a tea drinker my little British friend. My 12yo daughter has taken up a cup of Earl Grey every now and then. I guess it’s part of her “I’m going to live in a flat in London when I’m older because I was meant to be British” plan. We may have to visit soon so she gets a little taste of it before making any life changing decisions. Lol

  2. I definitely am B! I’ve burned my tongue before and it’s a horrible sensation, so I’ll never do it again! I rather insist on the Starbucks folks getting my name right! Don’t know why, but I’m a bit mulish about it!!

  3. Ha. I have my coffee at three a.m. And I am definitely type A. I love the smell of it, the feel of the warm mug but I drink it as soon as it comes out of the maker!!! And for some things in life as well it’s the same…when I make up my mind.. I WANT IT NOW!!!! Lol.

    1. I would need a whole pot at 3am! Lol I also love the smell of it which is why I’m considering grinding my own beans, but I’m also an instant gratification mind of person so…I’m a mess. Ha!

      1. LOL the one ‘mug’.. is all I have for the day ( usually) unless like yesterday, which was stressful with some medical things and very long with waking at 245.. lol, then I got coffee at 730pm at Panera and had that too and then went to bed. I normally never have more than just one 12 oz ish mug. to get me going has seemed to work well and as my motto goes ‘if it isn’t broke don’t fix it’.. and as I am beginning to add to it.. ‘don’t change it either’. Go for trying to grind your own beans… I know people that do… the whole ones last longer. I personally cant, as I change the flavor too often that I drink! So I buy such little quantities anyway. 🙂

  4. Well, you already know my latte name!! Remember “My Latte Name is Amber” post? That’s when I first learned your pen name is Leah. And I feel in love with that name!! Like you, I also grew tired of the baristas pronouncing my name wrong.
    I’m somewhere between coffee drinker A and B. At this point, as long as I have some caffeine in my system I’m good. That’s the only way I can keep up with my little ones!!

  5. Not a coffee drinker but love the smell of it! Hot chocolate is my drink and my kids wonder why I drink it in the warmer months. Hot chocolate – hot coffee…what’s the difference? They are both hot. And that’s the way I like it-steaming! 😉

  6. I’m definitely a Coffee Drinker B. Just knowing I have the coffee in my hand, or at my bedside, immediately cheers me and gives me hope. Then I can wait for it to cool down, ha.

  7. Not a coffee drinker! I drink tea…from “regular” to Teavanna teas… Love to savor it…so maybe I would fall in B if it were Tea!

  8. Hmmm I’m currently a Coffee A drinker. I have Keurig and have come to enjoy the coffee in less than a minute lifestyle. However, I am exploring the ‘art of coffee brewing’ and I think I want to slow down and savor the process of grinding my beans and brewing a fresh cup with the reward of that first sip.

    1. I had a Tassimo that I loved. It broke and I’m back to a regular coffee pot. I also want to explore the “art of coffee brewing” and grind my own beans. I understand there’s nothing like it. I may have to put that in my letter to Santa this year. 😉

      1. Yes, so I’ve heard too…that it’s a completely different taste. I think I will follow your lead and put that in my letter to Santa as well. 😀

  9. B. But it’s not always feat yhat keeps us from sipping. Sometimes the anticipation it’s self is as wonderful as the coffee. Or the aroma is particularly satisfying. Or yeah, we don’t want burned. 🙂

    1. I bet we all sometimes shift from A to B and back again, depending on the situation. That’s real life, but coffee drinking…I’ve never been able to dive in right away. I’ve burned my tongue way too many times. Learned my lesson. 😉

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