Please and Thank You…Say It With Me

From a young age, we are taught to say please and thank you. Over and over, we are told to use our manners, thanking someone for inviting us over for a playdate, thanking someone when we are given a compliment. We are encouraged to say thank you when a treat is bestowed upon us and we are expected to say thank you when we are given a gift.

And yet, as we grow into adults focused on getting through a busy day, we throw out “thank yous” without truly meaning them. We often go through the motions, rushing to the next appointment, meeting, deadline without really seeing all the little moments we have to be thankful for, the little gems throughout our day, our week. We fling a thank you in the general direction of the person wishing us a good day, throw out a quick thank you to the one who paused to hold the door open for us.

The slightest smile when we’re having a rough morning can change our mood if we allow it. A few words from a  friend, letting us know they’re thinking of us is something to cherish. We read them, smile, let them wash over us and warm our heart, yet often quickly move on after hitting send on the little eight letters that make up T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U, the response that has likely brought a smile to the recipient.

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Looking back, I would like to thank ten people who have made a difference in my life this past week, big or small. I challenge you to do the same!

1. To the doctor who really listened to me and ran the proper tests to help me find answers. I thank you. It makes a huge difference to find a doctor who cares enough to listen.

2. On that note,  I am thankful for the medical system in the United States. After having experienced others firsthand, I will no longer take this one for granted.

3. To the school bus driver who made it a point to wish me a good day every morning when picking up my son. It’s a nice start to the day. Thank you.

4. To the stranger at the grocery store who complimented my hair. I’ve been having good hair days since moving to a less humid climate, but it is always nice when someone notices. Thank you.

5. To my husband, my other half, who was home all week instead of traveling. It’s nice to have you home sharing the responsibilities of this exhausting thing we call parenting. Thank you for being my partner in life.

6. To the people at Nordic who make treadmills, thank you for making mine. It has been a savior as I try to ease myself back into exercising as I continue to recover from my fractured foot.

7.  To my daughter, I thank you for wanting to sit and talk to me about your day every, single, afternoon. I cherish those conversations with you and it warms my heart that you ask me to stop what I am doing and sit at the table with you for our afternoon snack.

8. To the trash guys who must be so sick of picking up my numerous empty moving boxes. I’m almost done. I promise! Thank you.

9. To my son, I thank you for your humor.  Your laughter is contagious and you make us all laugh when we need it most. I treasure the fact that you still enjoy cuddling with me and can’t walk past me without stealing a kiss or wrapping your little arms around me for a quick hug.

10. To God, who has blessed me over and over again in so many aspects of my life. I can’t thank you enough. My heart is full because of you. Thank you.


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24 thoughts on “Please and Thank You…Say It With Me

  1. This is a great list! My favorites are #4 and #7. Isn’t it amazing how a stranger giving you a compliment can make your day like that? Especially when it’s about hair. And Iove the talks my daughter and I have in the car on the way to and from school. She spills it all, and that’s one reason I’m not looking forward to her being able to drive herself to school come February.

  2. I think I have mentioned my treadmill on a TToT post before, but I really should have remembered to thank those people who designed and made it. I hope your recovery goes well.

    1. Ha ha! The Treadmill thank you! It’s been a life saver now that the temps are dropping since I’m not used to the cold. I am an all or nothing kind of person, especially when it comes to exercise so it’s been hard easing into it and not going full speed ahead!

  3. This is beautiful. I love the way you wrote your list. I think giving sincere thanks to those that have made a difference in our lives is very important. Thank you so much for the reminder.

    1. Thanks Sandy. It really is so important not to mention common courtesy, and yet we aren’t quick to give it despite the fact that it can make all the difference to the recipient in that particular instance. We can all use the reminder from time to time! 😉

  4. It is amazing what one simple smile and a thank you can do to help change a person’s day.
    Talks with kids, as well as the cuddles and hugs, are precious.
    Recovery from broken bones can be rough, can’t it? Glad you are getting your strength back!

    1. Yes, Christine and yet some of us are stingy with our smiles and thank you’s. All engagement with our kids, whether in words, hugs, or actions are priceless! As for my foot, it’s my first fractured bone and I’m hating how long it’s taking to be back to normal!

  5. Oh appreciate those conversations with your daughter! My oldest used to chatter at me constantly and when he was little sometimes I found it maddening. Then came the teenaged years – where they turn into either a bedroom or basement troll and only grunt at you in passing! I sincerely hope that now he’s moved back home our conversations of the past year don’t disappear!

    1. I really treasure the conversations with my daughter. I love that at the age of 12 she still wants to share so much with me. She goes on and on sometimes, but I remind myself to really listen and engage in the conversation because it keeps her coming back. Good luck with you son. I hope you continue those conversations as well!

  6. 🙂 and I agree with the importance of saying “please” and “thank you.” I try to drill it in my children. Lots of eye rolling. But when it unexpectedly comes out of there mouth to a waitress, for example, I smile a lot inside.

    1. I drill it into mine too and love it when they say it on their own, without a nudge from me. They’re almost 9 and 12 so there’s still eye rolling and often there’s some sarcasm in the “please” “thank you” and especially “sorry” but I’ll take it nonetheless. Ha!

  7. AW!!! This is a beautiful message and I love all the people you thanked that are so very significant, yet often forgotten or taken for granted. Beautiful my friend!!! I pray you are healing okay? I didn’t know about your foot!!!

    1. Thank you my friend. I fractured my foot during my last night at BlogHer in July. I’ve finally been given the green light to ease back into exercising, but I have found that my foot isn’t too happy with me after a long walk, etc. Baby steps I guess. 😉

  8. This is just a wonderful post. Chats with your daughter, laughter with your son, hugs with your husband and kindess all around. Thank you for sharing a simple and important perspective of gratitude.

    1. Number is huge for me and my family right now. We just spent six years living in a place where the healthcare system left a lot to be desired. It makes such a difference no matter where you live to find the right doctor. Magical is a great word for it!

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