Lessons From A Third Grade School Performance

I watched you from my seat in the second row of the right side of the auditorium. Your eyes scanned the room, row by row panning left and right, left and right. Hands in your pockets, you stood tall and attentive, fully aware your third grade performance would begin at any moment. You had the notes, lyrics, moves memorized as you had been practicing for weeks in the comfort of your own home. Though, now you looked a bit nervous, standing on the stage, in the spotlight, anxiously searching the audience. You had told me to sit on the right side of the auditorium so I would have a good view of you. Today, on the drive over, we even reviewed left and right a few times to ensure I would be in the right seat.


Evan the Artist1

As you searched the eager faces in the room, I knew we had gotten our right and left mixed up. The more your big brown eyes sought mine, the tighter my heart squeezed. I tried to catch your attention even waving my hand in the air but you were focused on the other half of the room. I stood and waved once more and it was then your eyes locked with mine, and as your little body visibly relaxed you nodded your curly head ever so slightly in my direction.

I sat back and watched you shine on that stage much like you do in our living room every night and throughout your performance I thought of all the things I want you to know as the world becomes your stage.

1. I will always be here for you, even when you can no longer see me. You will never be alone.

2. When life’s spotlight shines too bright, blinding you from what’s really important, I will help you see it.

3. And, when that same light dims eventually leaving you in moments of darkness, I will be your guiding light.

4. There will be times when our signals will get crossed and lead to misunderstanding. Know that we will communicate and straighten things out and even through disagreements I will never stop loving you.

5. Enjoy your successes, the big and the small. Those that seem insignificant are often the ones that will fill your heart with joy when you look back on them.

6. When the spotlight is on you, remember that all eyes are on you too. Use that opportunity for good.

7. Never take life so seriously that you exit the stage completely. There’s always room for creativity, imagination, and those things that make you laugh.

8. I will always be your biggest fan –  in your brightest moments as well as your darkest.

9. Don’t ever pretend to be someone you aren’t simply to please others. Who you are behind the scenes is better than anyone you could ever pretend to be.

10. Live your life in such a way that you will exit the stage with dignity when the final curtain comes down.

18 thoughts on “Lessons From A Third Grade School Performance

      • Warmer coats than you brought with you from Texas, Leah. Warmer everything than you brought with you from Texas. Enjoy the holidays more northern style. I would surmise it’s a shock to all though you do have New Jersey in your soul. Peace to you, hubby and son.


  1. Authors write words on a page, you carve them into our souls. While people have the creative ability to allow us to paint a picture in our minds with their writing, you allow us to see it with our hearts. I so enjoy reading everything your write.


  2. I could feel your heart squeezing. Oh, this is great! It takes courage to perform as a third grader. I just watched a handful of music solos last night at my son’s middle school. I could feel the nervousness in the air of both kids and parents.


  3. I will be here for you even when you no longer can see me. How many of us understand that? THAT is why I love your writing!! You always nail it!! I have ten minutes to read today and when YOU, write, I always choose your blog!


    • Yes, many of us do understand that don’t we? Your comment has made my day. Thank you for so often making the choice to read my posts. With so many great posts out there, it is a true compliment! Merry Christmas!


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