Ten Things Of Thankful

1. I’m thankful I have the physical ability to drag myself to the gym every day even if the enthusiasm isn’t always there. I’m always thankful I did it when it’s over.

2. I’m thankful my family and I never go hungry. Our hearts are full. Our fridge is stocked. Our souls are fed.

3. I’m thankful for making new friends at this stage of my life. When you’re in your 40’s, making a new friend is an unexpected golden nugget that brightens your world.

Birds and Leaves2

4. I’m thankful to have experienced “normal” at our house these last two weeks when my other half wasn’t traveling for a change. “Normal” looks good on us.

5. I’m thankful to have discovered a new coffee flavor for my Keurig. That morning cup sets the tone for the rest of my day and a delicious flavor is a great start.

6. I’m thankful to have discovered a poem that inspired me this week. It stayed with me for days so I shared it here.

Birds and Leaves4

7. I’m thankful for those I’ve loved and lost. In the loving and losing I’ve grown bigger than the biggest elephant on the tallest tree.

8. I’m thankful my children still want to scoot over on the couch and rest their head on my shoulder without any prompting from me.

9. I’m thankful for friends near and far who reach out when they sense my heart may need a hug.

10. I’m thankful for the drive within me that may dim for a brief time, but never goes completely dark.

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7 thoughts on “Ten Things Of Thankful

  1. Such a beautiful list. I love that you’ve had some ‘normal’ to enjoy, and that it’s gone so well for you. I hope you get lots more of it.

    YAY to your new friend. I hope this ‘golden nugget’ stays shinybright for a long time. And I could hear how *glowy* you feel about your kids still snuggling up to you. That’s adorable and I hope they continue to do it for a long time.

    A beautiful list – keep that drive and enthusiasm going 🙂 I shall try to be inspired by your determination.

  2. I’m so thankful you shared that poem this week – it inspired me as well! I’m glad you have the comfort of a loving family during tough times. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

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