The Void Is Expanding

The void is expanding.

Since quarantining and social distancing became the buzz words of 2020, responsible folks all across the globe have found a new normal.

The void is expanding.

Instead of beginning the day with a trip to the gym, treadmills across the world are being dusted off and showered with infinite attention by those desperate to maintain not only a level of sanity but also their current pant size.

The void is expanding.

Rather than starting the morning routine with a quick drive through a local coffee shop to kickstart productivity, we are brewing a pot in our home kitchens and seeking that elusive jumpstart to a productive day. The motivation is fleeting and the coffee doesn’t taste the same.

The void is expanding.

Social media is bursting at the seams with users I haven’t seen an update from since mail came in the form of a snail. I imagine it has something to do with people looking for the latest report on the Corona Virus. You venture into Facebook, Twitter, even Instagram for a quick update only to be sucked in for awhile. And, now that this is the main connection to the outside world you find yourself commenting, maybe even posting (gasp)!

The void is expanding.

As a writer, my world is by definition mostly virtual. I write to an invisible audience. I post to an abyss. I share across the rabbit hole that is the internet. Then I sit back and do it all over again, never knowing how much interaction my stories will provide. Never specifically knowing the reader as a physical person. My words are sent floating across the waves of a never ending sea with no itinerary or final destination.

These days, the more we practice social distancing, the larger that void seems to become. At least for me. It doesn’t quite make sense given it is my norm even if it’s not everyone else’s. And yet, I feel an overwhelming sense of “what’s the point?” whenever I sit down to write.

Is it the same for you? Are artists now wondering what the point is in sending their art into the void? Are musicians wondering why bother to send their lyrics into the void? Are businesses pondering if it’s really worth it to promote their products and services to the void? Are you hesitant to share your jokes, your thoughts, your usual commentary with the void?

I’m just curious. Is anyone else feeling it?

The void is expanding.

The void is expanding.

6 thoughts on “The Void Is Expanding

  1. I am working hard to represent our library from home every day, working the social media and attempting to provide information and hope and maybe even some light with website links for the lives of the patrons who usual show up at our now-closed doors, LMW. But I know their lives at home are also so different now. I do my best and hope they are well and coping.


  2. As career writers and home-based freelancers, we’re probably feeling the least blowback right now. Hopefully we can provide some help to those who don’t have the same framework to roll with the punches these days.


  3. I’m really glad to read this post as I identify with it so much. I feel like unless I jump on the bandwagon of coronavirus humor nobody really wants to read my usual funny material. Why would they when they can just scroll through social media and find hilarious Memes in two seconds? Everyone’s a comic these days. Plus if I switched to more serious blogging, I cannot compete with all the doctors and specialists who are now offering their two cents via writing. And mainly I am just feeling real depression, so I always get writers block during those times, pandemic or not. Sigh.

    From your fellow “Little Miss” 😉


  4. The void you speak of can be filled with goodness. As writer’s we have the opportunity to spread positivity in a not so positive situation. To point out the good stuff that’s buried underneath the chaos. There’s always a reason to write, even in a most uncertain season. ❤


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