Light Up The Sky

Would Make A Great Christmas Gift!

There are certain phrases you say to your kids, your spouse, your friends that become second nature. Ever since my son, Evan, started playing sports at a very young age, I’ve always told him to LIGHT UP THE SKY. Through the years, in the rare instance I had to miss a game, I would tell him he had to LIGHT UP THE SKY a little extra so I could see it from wherever I was.

I wrote this 365 Day Devotional for him at a time when I believe so many young men need a little extra guidance and support. As I wrote each devotional I had Evan, as well as all his buddies and teammates through the years, on my mind and in my heart.

365 Day Devotional

I hope you will purchase a copy for the young men in your life. It’s a true playbook for them on and off the field. From daily motivation to everyday challenges, this devotional covers it all!

Order your copy right here in my shop and help these young men continue to light up the sky!

Thank you!


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