Is There Ever A Good Time To Check Your Baggage?

The airport felt more like an amusement park with people lined up elbowing their way to the front of the rollercoaster line. I slowly shuffled forward a couple of steps at a time. Normally, I love people watching, creating stories in my head for the elderly couple holding hands behind me or the young mom… Read More Is There Ever A Good Time To Check Your Baggage?

Learning To Dance With The Limp

Little by little we let go of loss but never of love. It’s like having a broken leg that never heals perfectly – that still hurts when the weather gets cold, but you learn to dance with the limp. Loss can bring us to our knees in a moment’s time or slowly simmer within… Read More Learning To Dance With The Limp

For She Had Eyes And Chose Me.

    Photo by burak kostak on I’m here now. Please, take my hand. We were good together once. We can be again. You always were more stubborn than me, but now I’m the one who isn’t giving up. We vowed we would be together forever. I know I broke that promise once, but… Read More For She Had Eyes And Chose Me.

Fallen Bridges Are Rebuilt With Broken Hearts

  I watch them from the back of the church as they gather together, looking unsure in their black suits and dresses – attire fit for a funeral. It may actually be their first. I’ll have to remember to ask later. Teenagers are meant to attend basketball games, concerts, homecoming dances. I guess this is… Read More Fallen Bridges Are Rebuilt With Broken Hearts

Broken Not Bent

Darkness in light. Light in darkness. Silhouettes of what used to be. Time stands still. Minutes speed past. Unaware we remain. A state of chaos. A need for peace. Trapped within our own fear. Lashing out at what we don’t know. The world turns on its axis, yet makes no forward progress. An endless spin… Read More Broken Not Bent

Shadows of Terror

Love was abundant Hate hid in the dark Shadows of terror Stained hearts Beating amidst promising life Cut short by suicide Orchestrated performance On world stages Of heightened threat level Playing arenas where screams Echo instead of cheers Of celebration at a concert Music to their black souls Stripped from mothers’ arms In defense march… Read More Shadows of Terror

The Note

Her hands tremble as she smooths out the crumpled piece of lined yellow paper. She can barely make out the smeared blue ink. The words come out in broken whispers, “I can’t go on. My lips no longer form the battle cry I’ve summoned in years past. This world keeps shrinking and my disquiet holds me hostage. I’m a prisoner of… Read More The Note

The Place I Do Not Rest

I made my way slowly through the aisles with purpose, though what purpose I wasn’t sure. My eyes took in letters which made up words, clothed in different colors. I was the hunter with no idea of my prey though I was certain it would be made clear in that moment when I happened upon… Read More The Place I Do Not Rest

What Do You Say To A Broken Heart?

It’s a typical funeral day. The kind of day that reflects emotions you didn’t know you were hiding.    Feelings you carefully tucked away now peek around every cloud, threatening to make a long overdue appearance. The air is heavy and thick wrapping your lungs as you try to steady your breath. It’s the kind of day… Read More What Do You Say To A Broken Heart?