Broken Not Bent


Darkness in light. Light in darkness. Silhouettes of what used to be. Time stands still. Minutes speed past. Unaware we remain. A state of chaos. A need for peace. Trapped within our own fear. Lashing out at what we don’t know. The world turns on its axis, yet makes no forward progress. An endless spin of judgment and hate. A fear of what mystifies us. Split down the center. Its connection lost.


Endless circle no more. Two halves torn apart by prejudice, opinion, hatred. Based solely on fear so great it holds us hostage. Greens, blues, oceans of love drained, arid, thirst for a quenching. Our basin is empty. Our hearts follow suit.


Oh, that we may fill both with inspiration. Change the tide. Allow the fear to retreat and faith in humanity to wash over us once more. The moon’s glow guides the choppy waters to stillness once more.  Let the light bathe us in its infinite glory.

Be still.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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