In God We Trust

I may as well have been standing before them stripped naked. That’s how exposed I felt. The soldiers had announced their arrival with a loud pounding on the front door of our home. A few days prior, my husband and I had begun the official paperwork requesting permission to leave the only country we had… Read More In God We Trust

Freedom Of Speech…DENIED

At the age of 30, he was living his dream as a writer and journalist. He had always loved writing. As a child, he had spent countless hours creating stories with the vivid imagination afforded those of a young age. He wrote about adventure, mystery, and romance. His favorite stories were about heroes who saved… Read More Freedom Of Speech…DENIED

Communism: The View From Here

Photo credit: It was just a matter of time. She could feel it in her bones. The rumors had been swirling for months, and while she didn’t want to believe them, in her heart she knew. As she shifted items on the grocery store shelves, in an effort to make them a little fuller,… Read More Communism: The View From Here