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I just returned from a magical vacation with my family to find another magical surprise awaiting me. While I was gone, I was nominated for two blog awards. As a total newbie blogger in a sea of experienced bloggers, this means a lot to me. I write because it is something I really enjoy doing, and honestly it is a way for me to make room for more thoughts in this cluttered, warped, little mind of mine. The fact that anyone else enjoys what I write is bonus! I take each and every compliment, pat on the back, smile, comment, or words of encouragement pertaining to my writing to heart.

Thank you and I enjoy both of your blogs and am honored you selected mine for this award.

Next step: Share 7 things about myself which my followers may not know about me.

1. I am most at peace when I am near the ocean. I am an avid sea glass collector. I love swimming, soaking in the sun, walking, reading, playing with my kids or just sitting quietly and taking in God’s amazing creation. It feeds my soul.

2. I have two amazing children who inspire me to be a better me every day. When seeing the world through their eyes, the future of our society, our world, and humanity in general looks hopeful.

3. I LOVE to read, and I inhale books. I devour entire books in a couple of days when they really suck me into their world. I enjoy connecting with the characters and escaping into their world if only for a few days. After reading a really good book, I love hanging onto the feeling of it for days after I’ve finished it.

4. I have been married to my best friend (we met in college) for almost 18 years. My advice to all my single girlfriends is to find someone you know will be by your side through all of life’s trials and tribulations, will laugh with you when life seems to be laughing at you, and will support you and your dreams when life tries to get in the way of them.

5. There isn’t much I am afraid of, but I have a fear of fire.

6. I just started homeschooling my two kids to keep our family together outside the United States. There’s a reason my career was in Public Relations and not teaching, but I’m making it happen for my kiddos.

7. Family and friends are a really big deal to me. I consider myself to be a loyal friend through distance, time, and life circumstances. I’m always available for someone who needs me.

In no particular order, the following are blogs I have enjoyed since I started blogging in the last couple of months. There are so many out there, but I’ve been fortunate to come across these and large or small, they have made an impact on me. I’m sure the longer I explore, the longer this list will get.

14 thoughts on “Blog Awards

  1. WOOT WOOT! Congratulations! that is so awesome! It’s so cool to know that your writing strikes a chord in others, i know I am appreciative for having discovered each other. i hope my writing will touch others the way your writing is touching me and the rest of the blog-o-sphere.


    • Thank you! It was great, but I have to admit now that writing on a regular basis has become a habit (or illness) I found myself wishing I could blog so I could clear my head for more! 😉 I’m sure you know the feeling!


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