It’s Like Giving Birth On Christmas Day And Having The Easter Bunny Stop By! Red Circle Days Is Out!

There are moments in our lives that are imprinted into our very soul. Moments that don’t require a photo album or memory book for us to revisit them time and time again. Some may bring to life the very feelings of sheer happiness they brought the day we experienced them. Others bring the heart wrenching sorrow we spend years trying to erase. These are moments that don’t need a reminder or a red circle on a calendar date, our hearts wrapping around them much like the tiny box on a calendar, keeping them contained only to bring them to the surface each year. Red Circle Days is a collection of those moments that I will forever carry with me, thought-provoking moments and stories which have left an indelible imprint on my very soul.

RCD front cover Final

Red Circle Days has been released, and is available on Amazon, Kindle, Nook, the Apple iBookstore, andΒ Sarah Book Publishing.

Book signing dates and locations will be announced shortly!

A huge thank you to all, from WordPress for the user-friendly platform to showcase and challenge my writing, to friends and family for the endless support, to the many followers who have liked, commented, and cheered me on from a distance. You have ALL encouraged me on this journey. It truly is a dream come true and a red circle day for me!

44 thoughts on “It’s Like Giving Birth On Christmas Day And Having The Easter Bunny Stop By! Red Circle Days Is Out!

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  2. Your name is my sister’s name, Leah! My best friend, too…and I am as proud of you as I would be of her. I am definitely down for a copy. πŸ™‚ (come Friday) It looks beautiful, and if it’s filled with your work, it’s sure to be a stellar read.

  3. I just saw this!!!!! How did I miss this?! I am so impressed and awed! Congratulations! On my way to follow you around today and catch up! Soooo proud of ya! πŸ˜‰
    One great big hug!

  4. Goodness I’m slow. I kept thinking, ‘but who is Leah Vidal’? I guess that’s you!! Hi Leah. Nice to meet you! Congratulations. I will go and check it out. Fan-bloody-tastic!

    1. ha ha! I probably need to address that. I’m sure I’ve confused some folks. I appreciate your enthusiasm! Order a book, tell your friends, write a review! πŸ˜‰

  5. SUNSHINE!!!!!! Felicidades amiga mia! Que dia tan especial para ti! Te amo y estoy muy orgullosa de ti!

  6. OH YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I’ve been waiting for this day for so long; I can’t even imagine how YOU must feel!! I remember the day I left you a comment asking you to write a book and here it is! (I’m allowed to pretend this is just for me, right?) Love the title and Congratulations!!

  7. Your mom-in-law is my long time friend. I heard many good things about you and the book! Can’t wait to read it! Congratulations!!

  8. Congratulations to you, I just started reading the book on my Iphone today, but then my phone died. I should put a red circle in the calendar everyday to charge my phone.

    Congrats again.

      1. So far. Kindle is coming. My previous collection has been Kindle-ized. You’re Not Going to Eat That, Are You? Clearly I have a thing for long titles.

  9. Congratulations my friend! What a HUGE day for you. All your hard work has come to fruition. I’m soooo proud of you and wish you nothing but continued success!! πŸ™‚

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