Book Giveaway – Signed By Author!!!

Kate at Another Clean Slate is hosting a giveaway for one signed copy of Red Circle Days! Here’s what she had to say about it.

“I still use a paper calendar. I have my work calendar on my phone and computer, but my personal life is all written in pen on a calendar hanging in my kitchen. I love looking back and seeing what I’ve done and looking forward to see what I am going to be doing. Leah Vidal’s book Red Circle Days shares the moments that don’t need to be circled in red on her calendar in order for her to remember their significance. While reading, I couldn’t help but think of my own red circle days. My high school graduation, my first wedding, the day the marriage ended for me and the day it officially ended, the date of a tragic car accident. All of these dates are mentally noted as they come and go. Some inspire tears, some laughter, some relief. Each story Leah shares, whether about a holiday or a death, makes the reader (or at least this particular reader) think about their own memories. I laughed at some stories and if I were a crier, I would have done so at others. She asks questions that inspire thoughts and raised some that made me reassess some things in my own life.”


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