Chasing Tail~Photo Friday

This has been me all week.

Sick boy

This sick little boy was home all week with me.

Sick DoggieI had to rush this sweet doggie to the vet yesterday. They considered hospitalizing him, but allowed us to bring him home for the night.

Back To School Night

In the midst of it all, I had to attend Back to School Night which started an hour late and ran until 9:30pm!

My other babies

And, we’ve gotten word from our landlord of just two months that there is a condo owner who has the Board in an uproar because she simply can’t stand the existence of our dogs. Sadly, many people out here believe dogs are disposable. To us, they are part of the family. (Stay tuned)

13 thoughts on “Chasing Tail~Photo Friday

  1. Leah, I hope by the time you receive this comment your sweet baby has fully recovered. I’m sure it’s been a rough week for you as well. Praying for a special blessing over your entire home my friend!


      • Interesting … sounds like their problem should be with the landlord and not with you. What’s the term of the lease? One other question … is there anything in the lease that says what takes precedence if there’s a conflict — the lease or the condo association rules?


      • The landlord told us prior to signing the lease that states we were paying a deposit for two dogs that she had gotten permission. Now I’m thinking that wasn’t the case. The issue is we live in PR where laws are mostly just suggestions.


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