The Shadows of Our Lives – Photo Friday

This week for Photo Friday, I am sharing some posts from a blog that I have been enjoying immensely as it’s simplicity packs a huge punch. While they are not photos, this talented lady captures life’s little messages with just a pen and her heart.

I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do, and follow for regular daily updates that will make you think, make you smile, make you fall in love with these lovable little characters.

I present to you,

The Shadows of Our Lives 

Are Beautifully Simple

Not Listening

Not Listening

Doesn’t keep it from being said.

Or needing to be heard.


Hanging On

Hanging On

You can do it!


And Sometimes When You Need Help

It Arrives

It arrives.


That Moment When

Their little legs don’t move fast enough…

That Moment When

For them.

Or for you.


We May See The Same Thing

We May See The Same Thing

It is doubtful we will see it exactly the same way.

8 thoughts on “The Shadows of Our Lives – Photo Friday

  1. Little Miss Wordy….. you are my ABSOLUTE favorite today. 🙂 Thank you for this generous share and shout out. 🙂 I think there are some happy shadow people just waiting to jump out of my pen tonight. 🙂

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