Let Them Eat Cake! – Photo Friday

The day each of my children was born was life-changing for me as it is for many parents. I believe in celebrating their birthday special every year as much for them as for myself. Through the years, after the kids go to bed, I have spent many a night creating a cake for the occasion. Amid yawns and stretches, I relive each moment of my pregnancy, each memory of their birth. As I bake, ice and decorate, I imagine the look of joy on their sweet faces when they lay their eyes on the finished product. It may not be Cake Wars worthy, but I know they will remember these cakes and the love I poured into each one for many birthdays to come.

Do you have a special birthday tradition for your children or loved ones?

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23 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Cake! – Photo Friday

  1. Holy moly, these are awesome! I am very impressed. I used to create cakes (not nearly as awesome as these) when my kids were little, but now they don’t want cake. Brownies and ice cream are the requests for birthdays, so I have retired my rolling pin. Whew!


  2. Holy Smokes, those cakes look awesome! I’ve tried to make some special cakes when the kids were younger, and have decided that my talents lie elsewhere. The kids really liked what I made when they were little, but seemed to get less enthusiastic as they grew older. If I had your abilities, though, I’d still be making cakes. Way to go! (Great to see your blog through FTSF; hope to see you next week!)


  3. I want cake! Wow friend. I’m so so impressed! Seriously I never create anything that looks even 1/10 as amazing as your incredible cakes!!! MMMMMM


  4. Oh my gosh!! Those are amazing! I had no idea you had that hidden talent! You’ve got a LOT going for you, my friend. That is so special.


  5. Wow, I’m impressed! You put my cake-making abilities to shame. My son just had his 12th birthday and decided on having a pool party later in the summer. Things change over time!


    • Ha! Thanks. They’re really just basic cakes with creative candy embellishments. I know what you mean about things changing. My daughter is also 12. She didn’t even want a party this past year. We’ll see if she decides on one for her 13th birthday. 😉


  6. These are fantastic and quite impressive. Each attempt at making anything beyond a standard frosted cake has been mighty depressing, so I applaud you for one, being good at this and two, giving your kids a really special tradition that I’m sure when the time comes they’ll recreate for their own one day. Now, do you need my address? Because I’m hungry.


    • Well, they’re all pretty standard. I just embellish them with twizzlers or chocolate, etc. I don’t do any fancy fondant or stuff like that. It’s fun and the kids ask for me to make the cake each year – don’t want store bought cakes. lol I’ve created little monsters, but hopefully created some memories too in the process. Working on this post made me hungry too! 🙂


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