Don’t Give Up Your Dream…You Might Turn Goth.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Not Give Up Your Dream: Advice From My Kids

5. You will end up working at a job that doesn’t make you happy, like the McDonald’s Drive Thru Window

(Hey, wait a minute! How can you not be happy serving “Happy Meals” all day?)

4.  It will mean you don’t believe in God. 

(I guess there’s still the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and the jolly old fat guy)

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3.  You would just sit there.

(What if your dream is to sit? Although, this chair while ergonomically correct, is obviously making this guy miserable.)

2.  You will be…wait for it…BORED!

(Boredom is like the plague to all kids under the age of 10, and apparently this guy.

I’m assuming it was a guy for reasons that would generate another top 5 list)

1. You might turn Goth

(I admit I asked my 6-year-old to repeat this one, certain I misunderstood. It may be time to give The Cult cd a little break at our house.)

15 thoughts on “Don’t Give Up Your Dream…You Might Turn Goth.

  1. As one who used to be a ‘Goth’ I can testify that this is true..You can tell your Little one that he was right. I wasn’t following my dream, I was following everyone else and was miserable. Now I am following my dream and am as far from Goth as you can get! Hahaha…Great post…So glad I dropped by. Blessings to you!

    1. The stuff they come up with huh? I know you hear something every day as well that astonishes you! We are blessed to be able to spend our days with them. It’s always good to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by!

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